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Anyone know where I can get a longer cable that fits the Nighthawks? I need about 8ft from my amp to my sofa.
Code:Same here. Great price. Sound fantastic right out of the box.
Suggestion on where I can get a longer cable? I need at least 15 feet to reach my sofa from the amp. I thought about attaching a barrel connector, but suspect that may degrade sound quality.
Looking to step up from my older grados into the woods. how does the the RS1e compare to the gs1000e? What would gain -or expect- going with the higher priced gs1000e? From what I have gathered- the stage is better on the 1000's but the RS1 seems to match it everywhere else.
Not sure that would help.In fact- I had to reluctantly go back to the 180's due to the clamping.The clamping on the RS185 was so tight. I tried to get use it, but they gave me a headache if I wore them longer than an hour.And last week I actually had a small blister under my ear- where the pads clamp to the skin. Not cool. The 180's do not sound as crisp and full- but they come close. The pads are softer and the clamping is just right. They are much more comfortable over...
I have the RS185- picked them up last month. They replaced my wireless 180's. They do sound better. Bigger, Richer, etc.   My only issue is in regards to movie viewing. Sennheiser claims these phones can deliver an uncompressed signal...but when I tried to send it  Dolby True HD or DTS HD- I heard silence. You can not bitstream these tracks to the RS185. You have to send it PCM. Which I feel is kind of a rip. Sending uncompressed was kind of a big selling point...
 Sound is deep and rich.The RS175 has a Bass boost and it's really strong.I demoed it with The Avengers. During the big Hulk scene bass was like a kick in the head.(Actually,IMO-  bass is fine without it. I'd say it's good and neutral. But the boost is there if you want it and it makes for some real fun during the action films.) I ultimately went with the RS185's because it suits my universal needs at the moment.(I also use them for Music. I like the analog input and open...
Have you tried the new Sennheiser RS175(closed)  and or the RS185 (open) ?   They really are quite something. No hiss. Excellent sound for a wireless- great range with no drop out- and very comfortable.   My only complaint- They do not decode Dolby Digital or DTS. You have to feed them PCM.  The RS185's also have an analog RCA input which work great for sending it a 2 channel signal (Vinyl)   Anyone else try these?
The dye is a cancer causing agent that has been banned from use on products that come in contact with the skin. google it.
Maybe if more owners contact them- they will become aware and do something about it....?Give their support a call or online chat and let them know what we know. I wonder what type of dye is used on my B&W P7's...?   and my Sennheiser wireless 180's...?Maybe not knowing is better.
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