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Actually, the SE215 has had a lot of problems with build quality.. I have a pair myself and experience no sound from the right ear from time to time, it's got to do with the cable connection and its feeble construction. OP get a new pair and hope for the best or try to fix it yourself with a small pair of pliers or similar.
If this is still of interest to anyone, I own both IEMs. I prefer the SE215, but that might just be me (using both for gym, so no critical listening on either). The SE215s detail is more than fine for its price point and the sub-bass is a big plus over the UE600, which sounds quite dry and boring in comparison. Only thing I don't like is the treble roll-off. Makes K-pop for example sound quite dull.
If I'm not mistaken, there are only 2 at the moment, both of which are quite expensive :S The CLAS and the Fostex HP-P1. The E11 should be a good investment, the amp is quite nice, def. an improvement over the iTouch internal amp and it has a bass boost function if needed.
I don't think it's necessary to spend this much even for normal purposes (and certainly no need for an aftermarket CPU cooler if he's not going to overclock anyway..). You can get a decent system that will do the same (I'm guessing OP, unless you want to do a lot of gaming/video editing) for about 200$ less. But then, I'm really budget-conscious. Also depends on how long you want the system to last. Case is ok, although a better one is more aesthetically pleasing and...
Hey, two questions first: only your gf going, or are you accompanying her? Also, I guess this is a related question, do you mean shopping generally, or do you mean shopping for audio products? For shopping generally, we have a lot of malls over here with shops ranging from luxury brands to Chinese home brands. And of course street stalls, the most well-known one is the Ladies' Market in Mong Kok. Generally, you can get bargain products there, but don't expect the...
Welcome, and sorry about your wallet! :)
If you can use your windows volume setting to change the volume on WASAPI output, then it's not correctly configured. You know WASAPI is correctly set up when you can't hear any sound anymore apart from the program using WASAPI output (meaning no more sound from windows, media players, youtube etc.) Also the change in volume is a bit surprising. Ideally, try to figure out whether you have configured WASAPI correctly, then compare to DS output at same volume level. If...
Just a heads up, if you can cancel the order, it might be good to do so since iBasso is overhauling their product range. Also, if you're going to exclusively use the device with an iTouch, the DAC is useless, which means that you'll only be making use of the amplifier, which is not good value for money. fiio E11 might be a better option (but I haven't heard any of these with a Grado).
I'm using T500s so count me out as well pls.
Oh ok I get it now. Well all I can tell you is that the contacts are separate (otherwise you would hear mono.. for stereo, the contacts must be separate so separate channels work). However, you likely broke off part of the contact that ends in the tip. In the end it means that the connector is damaged. Don't glue it back together, I suspect that you'll cut off the contact altogether.. Best to get the cable fixed or replaced I guess (you wouldn't want to lose it or have...
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