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For Sale: iFI iUSB Power Supply with original box and accessories included.  I am asking $135 that includes shipping to lower 48.  I accept PayPal for payment.  The unit is in excellent condition and picture shows the green power light is on.  
For Sale: Schiit Bifrost DAC with both Uber and Gen 2 USB upgrades.  I am asking $325 including shipping to lower 48.  $40 more if you want the original analog and USB boards included.  I accept PayPal only for payment.  New unit from Schiit configured this way $519 plus shipping.
  Any issues with I25 north of Denver due to the flooding?  I will be coming to Denver via I80 and I25.
 This will be my fourth appearance at CanJam and RMAF.  I got to meet and talk to Jude last year.  I really want to check out the new Schiit gear that has came out in the past year.
Have you thought about adding the USB upgrade and the Uber analog board?  I did both to my Bifrost a couple of months ago and it raised the Bifrost's overall quality to a whole new level.  I am using the Bifrost in my 2-channel rig at this time and my iFi USB & Modi for headphones at this time.
I received my Uber and USB upgrade boards on Wednesday.  It's great that others served as guinea pigs when it came to taking the Bifrost apart and putting it back together.     I had no issues with getting the LED's lined back up in their holes and getting everything back together.   When I plugged the Bifrost back into my 2-channel rig I was really disappointed.  The bass was boomy,  the highs were not there and the midrange was sucked out.   I also purchased a Modi...
  I do find that the iFi Power Supply helps the Bifrost.  It adds more focus to the overal presentation to the soundstage.  It helps with separation between the players and makes everything a little more sold sounding.  I think its well worth its $199 price.   I have about 40 hours on the Modi as of this morning.  It has a lot of the same sound character that the Bifrost has.  Not as reveling as the Bifrost but I think it needs more time powered up.  I feel that the...
I just ordered the Uber Analog and USB upgrade boards for my Bifrost.  Hopefully they will be here by the end of next week.  I also ordered a Modi DAC to play with.  I want to see what my iFI USB Power Supply does for it since the Modi is powered by its USB connection. 
Congrats Skylab on the new speakers.  I think Pioneer, pioneered the development of Beryllium drivers.  Go look over at the TAD site and they go into the construction process of beryllium drivers that they use in the Reference Ones and the Compact Reference Ones.   The CR-1s are the finest speaker I have ever heard in my past 30+ years of being involved in this hobby.  Chris Connaker who runs the site uses the CR-1's and Spectral gear...
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