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I was using a 10k ohm resistor on the (+) signal to a blue LED in my cmoy. Is this ok, or should I be using another value resistor so that it doesn't draw too much power?
huh... the TL802 just died! it's now really quiet and if I turn up the volume it distorts like crazy... dunno how that happened..
2.0 at the right channel, 5.4 at the left for the TL082 1.3 at the right channel, 1.1 at the left for the 2227 Neither went up or changed when I touched it or plugged the headphones in. For the 2227, without the source plugged in.. the squeelching isn't there when I touch the chassic, but it does make a click sound.
I was listening to my cmoy, with an OPA2227 and I noticed when I touched the metal chassis, if the music was paused, I could hear a quiet squeelching sound, almost like a worn fan belt noise from a car. Out of curiosity, I decided to have a listen to a cheap op-amp I picked up at the surplus store last year, but never got around to using it. It's a TL082CP, and the first thing I noticed was that it had a little more bass, and was not quite as bright.. which is kinda...
Ah, ok I understand now. I was worried that no matter what I used, if I sold people these amps I was afraid that their capacitors would die out... but that's not the case. I'm still unsure what capacitors I should use. Right now, I used some cheapos I picked up at my local surplus shop, 'Supercaps' 470uF, 16V and I hear no difference between them, and the other cheapos I used, 'Forever' 220uF 35V... *sigh*... If it was just for me, I'd just use these cheapos.. I've...
Um.. hmm.. 1000 hours doesn't seem very long..
Capacitors have a life expectancy?? I didn't know that either... how long would normal ones and 'long life' ones last?
Oh, crap! I missed the auction because I wasn't sure of that. Ok, but now I know.. hehe, thanks.
Hmm.. the Panasonics on eBay have a 20% tolerance.. should I stick to a lower tolerance?
Wow, quite a post indeed! I edited my original post because I realized the values are set by the manufaturers themselves, for at the least 100uF and up ones.. so I thought my question would've looked dumb.. but for the time it took you to type all of that, I had already edited my post.. but you managed to quote the original question.. lol.. Very informative, some of the technical stuff is beyond my comprehension. I was wondering why Tangent suggested the particular...
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