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Hey dsnuts, thank you!!   These sound GREAT, regardless of the price. I have listened to way too many dynamic IEMs that push upper mids and highs to the point of my ears begging for mercy. These seem to have a really, really nice balance of mids and treble, while the bass extends deep enough to enjoy. Definitely what I was looking for for the gym! And yeah, metal sounds great with these as well.   The only qualm I have is that the left ear is slightly louder than...
Looking for the TDK BA200
I guess...I've never experienced a drastic change from burn-in. Suppose there's a first time for everything...   These'll have to change a lot though for me to like them.
Nope, I'm sending these back. I find them fatiguing. Spikes in the upper mids and treble.   With my UM3X, I can sit and listen to music for hours... with these, I've had enough after 30 mins.
Ok, I'm listening to them right now with the included foam tips.   Ridiculous how much a difference these make! Sub bass has vastly improved, as has isolation (obviously), but also sound stage, music fullness... still hearing sibilance, but I've only used the earphones for around 3 hours or so, so I'm sure a bit of a burn in will help smooth things out.   My impression of these has improved. :)
Selling a barely used set of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers. Comes with full lifetime warranty, since they were purchased from an authorized dealer.   $140 CDN shipped Airmail ($10 extra for Expedited)  
Those are the only ones I haven't tried. :)   I'll try em out today.
I might be interested, however I can't find any detailed information about these earphones. Even on the company's website, I don't see them being hybrids mentioned anywhere.   Do you have any links to reviews or detailed specs?   Also, interested in trades?
I'm comparing them to the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers. I find the Atrio sound a bit more plain in comparison. Vocals sound a bit further away, and thinner. I've noticed sibilance with a variety of music (EDM, metal, rock) which I find very surprising since I haven't read any review that mentioned that. Overall they just sound less vibrant as the Coppers. The sub bass isn't as impressive as I was expecting either.   I have tried many different tips: Klipsch ovals,...
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