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still waiting for mine to ship
lol, mine too..... sucks..... i wanna hear these!!
I like the sound of the iPhone 4 better than the iPod Touch 4G, but the Touch still sounds alright IMO.
Hope so, I seem to be really sensitive to upper mids these days... it's why I sent back my Atrios, and also why I didn't like the Coppers.
Cool, thanks! I used a 5% coupon code, PAYDAY, and with shipping it ended up being $114 CDN.   Really bizarre thing happened though... when I was in Paypal setting up the payment, it showed I had a balance of $51.15 USD, which I have no idea where it came from. I check my history for the entire month of January and there's no record of it.   So unless I can figure out where that money came from, I'm gonna tell myself these only cost me $63... lol :)   I hope...
Where'd you get yours for $105?
Do they really sound like the Atrio? I found the upper mids too forward in those (screeeeeeeeech).   Are the Yamahas the same?
For anyone that's a fan of downtempo, chilled, electronic music.... I HIGHLY recommend these guys. I recently stumbled upon them, and have been totally blown away.   The link below is for their complete discography for $10, where you can select 320kbps, Apple Lossless or FLAC (FLAC is missing ID3 tags, just a forewarning).   Anyway, hope this falls on a few appreciative ears.. I'd like to spread the word about these guys and help them get more...
Read carefully.. I said more ambient noise from the earpiece that's quieter, meaning one lets in more ambient noise than the other, which also happens to be the quieter side. I'm not talking about the seal from the tip either, I'm talking about the earpiece itself. If one is maybe vented more than the other, which would allow volume to escape, and which would explain why more ambient noise is let in by that side.   I've switched earpieces from ear to ear, so it's not just...
  Do you notice with the music off, that the side that's slightly quieter also lets in more ambient noise? I noticed that with mine tonight at the gym.     
New Posts  All Forums: