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They're fine once you're wearing them.. it's just when they're wound up in a case or whatever... getting them untangled is a bit of a chore, the earpieces tend to get snagged on each other.
Yeah, I've found the same thing. WTF. The Monster Turbine Pro Coppers had this and so did the Atrio MG7. I'm crossing my fingers the Yamaha EPH-100 don't.   Um, about the cable.... it's a HUGE pain in the ass. It gets twisted and tangled very easily. (you are talking about the 8320 cable, right?)   What IEMs are those? Who sells them? Is there a review thread on those yet?   
Still waiting for mine...... uggghhhhh........... they only JUST got prepared for being sent overseas.... man, the wait sucks.
Anyone else notice a spike in the 2k - 4k frequency range? It's really awful for some music.. makes vocals sound thin and blaring. Without EQ, I wouldn't be able to listen to them. Fortunately some music sounds ok with them though on my iPod Nano.   I can't believe some of you actually think these are dark.   Listening to Apparat right now, this is how I have the EQ set... earphones sound really good like this IME (in my ears). :)    
I found them blaring... the upper mids were way too forward.   I absolutely hate upper mids, so I sure hope the forward mids in the Yamahas are in the lower frequencies.
If that's true, there's a good chance I'll hate them since I hated the Atrio MG7.   I honestly don't understand how one person can compare these to those, and another to the UM3X when each IEM is FAR different from each other..   Really irritating....
From my experience with aluminum devices, the material is definitely more prone to denting than stainless steel. Stainless steel can take a much harder beating than aluminum.   You can clearly see in that pic small dents on the edges. That wouldn't happen if it were made with stainless steel.   Whatever though, it is what it is. I take care of my things regardless, so they're never going to look like a kid used them. I just hope I'm happy with the sound. After all, that...
It's aluminum??? WTF. Everything I read said they were stainless steel.   Guess I should have read from the one site that would be sure to have the correct information:   hmm... a little disappointed to learn they're aluminum.
I see dents.   Surely they were subject to abuse, but stainless steel wouldn't normally be damaged so easily.
Ah well I suppose that's not too bad.... I just really want to hear these things!
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