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For anyone that might be thinking of sending theirs back for a refund, in Canada:   BEWARE! It's been 20 days and counting, and I have yet to receive a refund cheque. Being dicked around by someone at the company who hasn't responded in a week after telling me he'd look into why my cheque hasn't arrived.   TERRIBLE customer service.
I don't think Supertips would fit properly because of how long the barrel is on the EPH. I tried using some Sony Hybrids, but they're just too short to stay on the barrel.   I could be wrong though...
Thanks for that! It does seem like that's what I'm hearing.   I noticed it wasn't quite as bad through my iPod Nano, as it was through my iPod Touch. However, I did think that through the Nano, some music sounded somewhat congested and lacked clarity, despite that upper range. It seems as though there is some treble missing below that frequency which affects the overall clarity of sound.   Anyway, I found them relatively enjoyable in the gym tonight, and significantly...
I'm venturing a guess........ better? At least, that's what I'm hoping he meant.... lol   After these, I still have two more IEMs I want to try: Shure SE215 & TDK BA200.
It's only a very high end of the treble spectrum that seems to be there... difficult to describe, but most of the treble is quite nice... it's just this really high thin veil of upper treble that seems to coat everything.
Treble on yours is getting what? You left a word out.....    I'm very happy to hear these don't have that obnoxious spike in the 2k-4k range that so many other IEMs I've listened to had. That's a definite plus.. the rest of the mids on these are really nice too. Gives a lot of weight to vocals and guitar.
Just got mine today.   First impressions: The whole presentation seems to be blanketed in a very high treble, which at higher volumes is quite nauseating. Unfortunately, these seem to come to life at higher volumes, and are somewhat dull at lower volumes.   If ever there was a time to believe in burn-in, surely it would be now, because that treble has to go away for me to enjoy these. It's unfortunate, because everything else about them sounds terrific. Some...
They'll be way too expensive. They have a tendency to jack their prices up for Canadians.. I'd expect it to be well over $200 from them.   I don't want to pay more than $150 or so.
Is there a spike in the 2k-4k freq range with these?
They ship overseas, but only offer Bank Deposit or COD.... hmmm...... $152 shipped is quite tempting, though unsure of COD.   EDIT: oops, clicked Submit... lol, ah well I'll see how it goes...     Expansys HK has em for a good price too, but not in stock ATM:   They only accept CC or Bank Transfer... dunno why these HK vendors don't accept Paypal.
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