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Does anyone know where I can still order these (for a decent price too)?
I've tried the 8320. Had a few pairs actually... kept getting imbalanced drivers. The sound was ok for some music, but wasn't versatile enough, and the fit was terrible no matter what tips I tried, I couldn't get a proper seal with them.
Thank you, appreciate it.
  How do the 9396 sound? I'm looking to try another budget pair, but not sure what to get at this point.
Yeah, my mom has the Klipsch s4i, didn't like them one bit. Very bright and harsh sounding.. pretty crappy IMO.
Not a bad price actually. Unfortunately I'm flat broke right now, but when I get a bit of spending money, I think I'll give these a shot.
The Carbo Basso look very promising, however aren't they over $100?
Nuts. Wish I'd seen that.   Well, I might try the 3580 or 3590 then. These also seem to have a slight imbalance favoring the left earbud. :(
Thanks for the suggestion. I read the reviews and it seems like they might be a little bright for my taste.
I only got them because some people said they were the same. I wonder sometimes if the inline remote alters the sound.   But if the 3580 are bright sounding, no point ordering those to replace these. Kinda don't feel like trying, even though they're so cheap. Can't get into that whole thing again... really just want something that sounds like the EPH100... wishful thinking, lol
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