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The Carbo Basso look very promising, however aren't they over $100?
Nuts. Wish I'd seen that.   Well, I might try the 3580 or 3590 then. These also seem to have a slight imbalance favoring the left earbud. :(
Thanks for the suggestion. I read the reviews and it seems like they might be a little bright for my taste.
I only got them because some people said they were the same. I wonder sometimes if the inline remote alters the sound.   But if the 3580 are bright sounding, no point ordering those to replace these. Kinda don't feel like trying, even though they're so cheap. Can't get into that whole thing again... really just want something that sounds like the EPH100... wishful thinking, lol
Grabbed a set of blue SHE3575 for $1.99 + shipping.   Out of the box, I can't say I'm a fan of this sound. They're rather 'blaring'. The upper mids are very forward, definitely a bright sounding 'phone.. and yet I didn't see anyone mention how bright these are.   Do these improve much with burn-in? What about different tips?
Been using them for a few weeks now... they don't seem to be doing it anymore.
I am looking for an alternative now that will hold up better to that kind of environment.   Honestly, I didn't expect it to be a problem using the Yamahas while working out. I've used other in-ears without any problems in the past. The Westones on the other hand cost me 3x the price, so yeah I certainly wouldn't risk it.   I'm open to suggestions (actually started a thread in the recommendation sub-forum). Has to be in-ears though... I need something to block out all...
Since my Yamahas kicked the bucket, I'm without a decent set of earphones to use in the gym. Unfortunately, I'm very strapped for cash right now being unemployed, so I'm hoping to find something for under $50.   I actually really enjoyed the sound of the Yamahas. I loved the bass, the subtle mids and pleasant treble. They just had the perfect balance for the kind of music I listen to while working out (electronic and metal). They just seemed to respond well to a...
Actually I haven't updated my sig in quite a while... I only have the UM3X now. No way I'm gonna use those while working out! :)
Just threw mine out. These things were F'in garbage. Right ear kept cutting out, moisture/no moisture, I'd have to bang the crap out of it to get the driver to kick back in.... eventually crapped out completely. Couldn't send them in for warranty because it was all banged up from me trying to get the stupid thing to work again. BIG waste of money.   Worst part is I'm broke and can't replace them.. so now I have to listen to the awful music they play in my gym.
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