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Scored a used set on eBay for $81.. should have them early next week, looking forward to it!
What's the general consensus on the Jaybird Bluebuds? Are they still considered the best sounding in-ear bluetooth earphones?   Anyone know who has the best price for them?
Thought I'd try these with foam tips, hoping the sound would improve. It did not.
 Yeah, I wanted to try those after I tried the Copper Pros (which I didn't care for the sound at all).. read that the Miles Davis version were possibly more to my liking. The price sure has come down on them!
 I think I might like them... but I'd go for the limited edition ones for that extra bass and nice housing color.
 lol, been there, done that. That's why the right earpiece eventually sustained quite a bit of physical damage.. me banging the crap out of it trying to get the driver to start working again. Bottom line is either there's an inherent defect in the design, or a batch of defective units.
Thanks, but I'm an IEM kinda guy... only time I use over ear headphones is at home, while watching movies on my computer.
 So just WTF is with these and the right earpiece crapping out? Mine had the same thing happen. Honestly, I don't care that they have a lifetime warranty, I'll never buy them again, no matter how great I thought they sounded after proper burn-in. Not worth the hassle and aggravation. I would just like to find something that sounds as close to them as possible, but with much better build quality... and without having to spend $250 or more.
 Ah, sorry... misread his post. Do the Shures sound similar to the Yamahas? So many mixed reviews on them. Hard to know if I'd like them considering you mention the Klipsch X10, and I HATED those things.. my god, I hated them. Way too bright for my ears.
 Ok, but I didn't say SHH. I have the SHE3575 (has mic) and the SHE3590 (no mic). Anyway, these are ok(ish) for electronic music (and maybe hiphop? i dunno, don't listen to it), but they absolutely SUCK for any kind of rock or metal. They exaggerate snare drums and guitars to the point where my ears are begging me to take them out. Kinda disappointing because I like to listen to electronic AND metal while in the gym.. I get sick of just listening to electronic the whole...
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