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Have a set of Rogers DB101. There's a tiny bit of rattle coming from the cone.. stops when I flex the driver a bit, or lightly place my hand on the center.   What's the best way to fix this? The cups don't attach to the cones, so I think it's just rubbing against it a bit from vibration and causing the noise.
Well this forum sure has become rather unhelpful. I remember a time when I'd get plenty of posts with helpful suggestions.   Guess I'll stick to my own sleuthing with Google and find something myself.   I might just order a Line5 A460 amp and use that instead. It's only $43 shipped, and will probably do fine for my needs.
I picked up a pair of Rogers DB101 from Value Village last week for $20. Great score, right? lol   Anyway, I'm a fan of repurposing things, so I thought I'd make a little desktop stereo for my computer. I have a crate of a few old car stereos, so I hooked one up to a 12V 1A power supply I had, and got it up and running. It sounded pretty decent actually!   However, I didn't care much for the deck because of it's lack of AUX in, so I hooked up another one in it's place....
Anybody see this yet?   They look incredible. I WISH I had the money to get in on the $199 price. I just hope my financial situation has improved by the time these hit the market.   Anyway, they're on Kickstarter right now, and man these things are rocking quite a list of features!   Check em out:  
 Huh, that's creative! I'll give that a shot.. I've got plenty of spare tips to experiment with.
 So I have these now. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised how good they sound. They can handle every genre I've tried so far, unlike the cheap POS Philips that were pretty much diarrhea for my ears. SO nice to have nice sounding buds again. I'm still trying to get the best placement/fit/seal though. I'm using them wrapped around my ears with the cable cinched. They still tend to come loose after a bit, so I'm wondering about using different tips, possibly foams. For those...
Nano sold
Added photos
32GB White iPhone 3GS, AT&T, a few minors marks, fully functional.   Comes with: Original packaging Original wall charger (still sealed) Brand new aftermarket USB sync/charging cable Brand new aftermarket car charger Black Belkin fitted leather case Brown InCase fitted leather case
Scored a used set on eBay for $81.. should have them early next week, looking forward to it!
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