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I am very sad/pissed off to report that the Etymotic ER4Ps do NOT work!!! All of my playing over the weekend was using the speaker phone. I found that out this morning on my way to work.
I just asked Radio Shack through the "Contact Us" link on their web page. Hopefully I will be reunited with my dreams.
The summer that Head-fi was founded, I had an internship at an electronic design and software development company and I spent probably as much time on Head-fi as I did working. It was great! Since then, I have graduated and gotten a real job and I don't have as much time (or the disposable income) to spend. Someone replied to a thread from 2001 so I got an e-mail from Head-fi and thought I'd check it out. I still enjoy all the cans I purchased that summer though. My...
I unfortunately, haven't been around here much lately, and I noticed that my signature says "All I want for Christmas is radio shack #910-4380". I wrote that in 2001, but now I don't know what it means. Does anyone happen to know what that might be, either have an old Radio Shack catalog or something of the sort? Thanks, Mike
Welcome to Head-fi SierraJim. I remember my first post here almost 6 years ago. I had a summer internship the summer that Head-fi was founded, and I probably spent as much time on Head-fi as I did working. I unfortunately don't have as much time to spend on Head-fi (or disposalbe income), but I am glad that the guys (and girls) here convinced me to buy my Sennheiser HD-600, Grado SD-80, Creek OBH-11, and my Etymotic ER4-S headphones that summer. Mike
Quote: Just select all the tracks on an album (using the filter or using browse mode), get info on them, and then rate them together. Oops, I guess I just assume people can read my mind, let me make myself more clear. When I say "rate albums" I am actually referring to giving an album itself a rating, in addition to the track rankings that are already there. What I was thinking of doing was just using the BPM field which I will never use for anything...
Quote: Originally posted by blessingx BTW, what are you using to encode (iTunes FhG, LAME, AAC, etc.)? I use iTunes to rip at 192 kbit AAC. I've found the sound to be very revealing through my Ety's, I'm considering lowering the bit rate so I can fit more songs on it. I know there are other methods out there, even the applescripts to let you use Quicktimes better encoding quality, but personally I don't feel it's worth giving up the convenience of...
Any suggestions on how to rate albums? I think I might actually just use the BPM field for an album rating. As I've mentioned before, I use allmusicguide.com a lot. I don't even want to hear any complaints about that place, between mine and since i'm home for the summer, my parents and brothers', I have about 1000 CDs to rip !!! and I don't have time to think about the stuff as i do it, AMG is a great way to get a rough idea of which tracks are good so they don't get lost...
Quote: Originally posted by mtkversion It's Cut Chemist. Thanks, well, whatever his name is, he kicks @$$. Have you seen them live? Like when they wear the turntable, or they play with those little cubes. You've all heard your friends DJ and you think some are good, these guys are in a whole other galaxy, check 'em out.
I am ashamed to admit that Justin Timberlake's new single doesn't suck, it actually almost sounds like Michael Jackson back when he was in his black phase . I also enjoy Tori Amos a lot, although I still tell people I listen to it because it's well recorded (which it is, it's amazing stuff to listen to with my HD-600s).
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