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2 hours left!
It's up in eBay now: Happy Bidding!
Asking price: $150 shipped CONUS I bought this back in February for $400. I still have every single things included with the original packaging, including the plastic! I am not looking for full/partial trades except for: - X800XL PCI-E I will add cash if needed. Please PM or email me @ aracheREMOVETHIS @ Thank you for looking!
Came back from vacation, and it's still up for sale!
Update #1 Update #2
Quote: Originally Posted by PUGSTUB Anyone have info. on the portable XM Radio unit due out at the end of this month? This?
2 more hours left!
Item: 3rd Gen iPod 15GB Condition: Like New Price: $220 shipped I put high quality micro-thin PDA protector on 95% of the iPod's surface area. The iPod does not have any scratches on its body and it was never dropped. Package includes: - 3rd Gen 15GB iPod - Original Earbuds - Charger - Firewire Cable - Original box and papers (still in VERY GOOD condition) Optional: - Battery pack (for travel) The battery condition on the iPod still very good, as you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron I would do some google-ing on the Transit and OS X. I know people have had a lot of problems using them on Macs. I think there's a fairly easy work-around that involves throwing out one of the installed M-Audio files. I think has some info in the forums... Care to tell what is the problem is as I am using transit right now with OS X with no problem, and I know there is one other guy with OS X and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince Reduced price. Have to sell this before the week ends Someone buy it!
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