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Cheers Paulie - right i think I'm done - I've e-mailed Audio GB to total it all up for us, i've gone with the TCXO option - it's only an extra £12.50 and matey seems to be happy with it (still unsure what it is) :/   Thanks for the help - excited to be using something other than my standard line out! 
Miss my MS2i's would like to obtain a pair in prefect working order, terminated to 1/4 and preferably with pizza box.  Minor scratches, cosmetic blemishes not an issue.  Postage to UK. Feedback here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/435006/laced-taste
Great stuff!  I think you've pretty much convinced me along with reading up about the 15.32 on other threads.  Last question - the TCXO optional upgrade, you know what this is?  Quoting someone in another thread: "I went for the $20 TCXO upgrade for low jitter and most likely better performance"
Thanks for getting back to me Purple Angel,   The 15.32 looks like a half decent piece of kit for the price! What is the sound like, anything you can compare it to?  Any negatives? You buy it right from the site?   Cheers   J
Hi all,   So I left head-fi a while back due to financial reasons but now things have come around for me and I'm seriously thinking about repurchasing a bit of equipment.  I had to sell all my gear previously which was a half decent portable rig for it's time - 5.5gen iMod, iQube V1, ALO vcap dock, Alessandro MS2is and various interconnectors.  I currently use a pair of HD25 I-IIs straight from my MacBooks line out and it's made me think that i really don't have the need...
  Can't find this "Aurorasound Bus Power Pro, USB B-to-A adaptor" anywhere on the net.  What exactly does it do?  Supply more power to the dragonfly?  Or retains a more constant, reliable voltage?  (not to sure on how these things work although i find with my Macbook Pro i get the odd spark on my port side and my external display will cut out and restart itself - don't want that happening whilst the dragonfly is connected)  
Cheers, to be honest i thought this would be the case - just gonna add the info manually into the "comments" tag section and waste another few months of my life! 
Hi there,   I've been ripping CD's in ALAC using Max ripper for a couple of years now and have manage to gain a half decent library.  I've just been reading a few forums/ threads about re-masters & re-issues after my mate lent me his EMI 1999 David Bowie re-masters which I've read are absolute crap compared to the RSA releases.  The majority of my library is my own CD collection but there is a fair chunk made up of CDs borrowed from friends in the past and i was...
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