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 Man, that bass roll off though  Probably the worst I've ever seen.
  I agree with you on the backlash. It's become a really strange trend. Instead of discussing each headphone and how we perceive their sound relative to other headphones, it's become threads where people defend their headphones and talk about how good they are, almost to an emotional level. As if their headphone's honor has somehow been damaged if someone says something negative about them. The backlash is so overdone and blown out of proportion. 
 I had a pair of HE560 for a bit. I found it a bit of a toss up. Overall, I would say it's overall a tiny bit better than the HE-500, if it all. Midrange definitely comes back a touch. The treble had an odd spike, but other than that was much faster and smoother. Bass was a bit tighter, but didn't really extend as low. Comfort was a clear win for the HE560. It felt like a slightly more polite HE500, but not in a "HE-6" way. I mentioned this in the "deals" thread and a...
Looks like Emotiva released a bunch of new products at CES2016, including a new Emersa EPA-1. Maybe @KeithEmo can get us the inside scoop, but it looks like it features new gadgetry in terms of connectivity:  
 Tbh, the HE500 are generally one of the better headphones for bass quantity. As headphones go up in quality, they typically are more neutral. Since the HE500 have more bass than neutral it means pulling in the bass quantity. You may want to look into the LCD-2. If you can find a "prefazor" LCD-2 it might be even better. 
  The T1 is a really bright headphone. IMO, overall I'd rate it much worse than the HE-500. 
 One thing I think everyone can agree is Ultrasone's service sucks big time. The cost of replacement parts is absolutely astonishing! People complain with the HD650 pads at $50 a pair.    I got to hear a pair of ATL3000 once. Wow, were they something special Really nice headphones. 
I was thinking more along the lines of driver revisions to go with it? Line is like 5 or 6 years old now? I think the fazor rev was in like 2012?
Interesting. Adorama has the aluminum ones, but i assumed it was something they worked out with audeze. Guess this is a complete change in the line.Anyone find,anythng on sound change associated with it?
 Hey there Lat!  Well the Sig pros and Edition 8 are from an interesting time. There were only a few "closed" headphones that were in the high end category. These being some of them along with the Denon D7000 line. The reason these were in a niche is that they were a bit more portable and created a decent seal. Since then there's a ton of new closed headphones, and even the CIEM market that has exploded. My UERM cost around $700, and tbh they sound miles ahead of the Sig...
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