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Pretty good promo on this unit from grantfidelity. $540 with shipping costs included.
Hey all!     Looking for either 1. Pair of used (modded or stock) Fostex T50rp 2. Single driver for Fostex T50rp       Had a driver go bad, so I'm hoping someone might have a pair they aren't using too much anymore that I can borrow some parts from. Not really interested in specialty pairs, since I really only need it for the driver.   Shipment to CONUS I can pay via paypal.   Thanks! 
 Haha, maybe it's just a placebo with your Vintage love  Glad you found something that helps them. I had some old foam discs from my AKG K240 laying around since I did a pad replacement. I haven't had much time to play around, but it gives them a small step to the HD650 side of things (bit muddier bass, bit of edge off the treble). Figure with as many headphones as you roll, you might have some around (or even felt might be a start).   Sorry for being vague before. I...
 Fair enough. If / when you do, some of us older owners would certainly appreciate it.    lol
 Sounds like they might have improved the dampening inside. If you have a chance, could you open the unit and take some pictures?
   Yea, I'm not trying to be a Debby downer, but I just don't want you to be so shocked. Just don't expect a dark headphone    Has there been any big mod efforts? I saw someone tried a few HD800 mods on these some time ago, but can't find much new.
   I've had mine for a few weeks now. I heard them at a meet (MHDT Havana --> Woo7 --> HD700) and I kinda thought they sounded good so I picked a pair up. Of course that's tubes on tubes to really distort the treble down.  As long as I'm not cranking up the volume, I find these to be somewhat fun and enjoyable for vocals. FWIW I think if you consider the HD800's perfect, these aren't far from it. I think they share many of the same flaws as the HD800, but to a larger...
 I think you'll actually really enjoy them!
 A bit OT, but rumor mill is Senn will be releasing a new flagship soon. So maybe prices will sneak down as/when that happens. 
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