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 That's why I'm somewhat confused on your bass taste. As far as flagships go, you aren't gonna get much more slam and impact than an LCD-2. Maybe a T1, but imo the T1 is very bright and hard to listen to for more than an hour at a time. What headphones have you heard that you thought really had a good bass impact?
  Well I agree with your on the LCD-2 highs, they are a bit recessed. Comfort is also meh. But you kind of lost me on impact. The LCD line is known some of the best bass of any headphone, so if you want more impact or thump it would be hard to beat in that range. Many people say the HD800 bass is very thin in general, let alone compared to the LCD-2 line. I think you should read some comparisons before committing too much to the HD800 (even though I really enjoy my pair).
   I can compare the two. What don't you like about the LCD-2?
 OT, but you may want to play around with different inputs. I at one point swapped out my optical interconnect for a coax and really enjoyed an improvement. Obviously it was a case where my source had both so I had the option.
 Based on the seller giving the serial number and not concealing any information I doubt they were in cahoots.  I'm sure Audeze used the info and handed it over to the police. They're probably more interested in using the information to trace how the pawn shops got them than shutting down an auction. It's not really our place to try and head-fi police every audeze listing and auction.
    Yea, I'm with you. This seems a bit more consumer and not audio enthusiast. Integrated stuff changes has historically been (imho) gimmicky.
 This many times over.  1. I think the Vali really helps smooth out the HD700 a touch 2. I spent way too much time over the years reading head-fi and trying to find the "perfect amp" and "perfect DAC" and god forbid in my early days the "perfect cable". What I enjoyed most was when I was finding new music, new artists and even new genres. More recently I've been hooked on tacking down multiple releases of specific albums to track down the "perfect mastering". Maybe I'll...
 I think that's kind of what it looks like based on the specs. Looks like hefty amplification changes, not so much in the realm of DACs (unless you're speculating on DSD).
 Fair enough . My mindset was "purchasing a new DAC" for the Carbon, not necessarily using what you've already got.  Interesting you mention the Bifrost. A few people have said the Emotiva DC-1 stacks up against the Gungnir 
 Lol that upgraditis.   I think the HA-1 looks stunning, but haven't heard it. One downside to those all-in-one units is that if you're running it to the LC, a good portion of the cost of the HA-1 will go unused (the amp). I think it's one of the reasons Jason @schiit has said they don't make them.
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