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Meant the uhhhh wut for the ef6. It didn't like it even with the he500s.Someone also said the Burson soloist is a great match for the he6. Tbh theres a lot of claims of headphone amps driving the he6 to their "full potential " that leave me scratching my head.
Uhhhhh..... wutTo be fair learning about power for the he6 has been a journey for the community. but by the time the ef6 came out we did know you needed speaker amps.Schiit rag handles the he6 quite well. I would say its pretty expensive but tbh comparing it to the ef6, I'd pretty easily recommend the extra cost.
  The D7100 also had a really steep asking price IIRC. I think like over $1k, but we see how quickly that tanked.   Based on their last attempt, I wouldn't hold my breath. Although there were plenty of fanboys. 
Looking for one of the Audio-gd amplifiers such as the NFB-1 or C2 Class A. Mostly looking for the newer generation that has a volume knob as opposed to the button versions.   Shipping to CONUS.    Thanks! 
  Agreed totally stellar deal on the LCD-2. Plus you get a full 3 year warranty which I'd probably want with a pair of Audezes. Very tempting to grab a pair myself and jump back into Audezes. 
 I don't think you'll find anyone has. These are pretty rare units and its unlikely someone has them all. However, if you have sensitive headphones or IEMs then the C2 or NFB1 would definitely be a better choice.    Definitely surprising. Considering the price gap I'd grab the NFB1.    On the C2 the XLR jack is wired the same as the SE. There wouldn't be any difference.          I have a previous version of the C2 Class A (version just before this 11th anniversary...
    Hifiman HE Adapter:   Condition: Acceptable condition. Item shows scratches on the unit itself. The original little box is also showing quite a bit of wear (if that matters to you). The black vinyl sticker is peeling in the corners.    Included: Hifiman HE Adapter Original Box   Price: $70 includes all paypal and shipping costs CONUS     Also selling a pair of HE500 which is a great match for these.     
  Ultrasone Performance: Condition: Good condition. No issues, not used very much. I've owned them about 4 months and purchased new. Includes everything, as original condition   Included: Headphones 1/4" Screw Adapter Long Cable Short Cable Travel Pouch Original Box   Price: $120 includes all paypal and shipping costs CONUS     Also selling a pair of Hifiman HE-500's         Hifiman HE...
  I think the Mini-X could be and 'end game' in the same way the O2 is 'end game'. Maybe for some people it works. I would say if you're getting the HE-6 and want to "test the waters" try out a MiniX because you can get one second hand so cheap. But if you get the HE-6 and expect to keep it a long time, plan on spending quite a bit on an amp. It's really wants its own rig. 
There's definitely some people that don't like the emo, which I totally understand. But I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding on it. At the time I first used the emotiva, we were all still trying to figure out the HE-6. There was literally no headphone amp that could even get the volume on the HE-6 up to a decent listening level consistently. This was even before the Schiit Mjolnir1 came out, which still didn't have enough power.    I'd still pick the emotiva over...
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