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  Bummer to hear about the wheel. Has Fiio updated the wheel hardware at all, or will this be an issue where every 18 months we have to send it in and pay for repair costs?  I also got some customs around December (thanks to @HideousPride Massdrop). Really been digging the pair together, and I find the X5's headphone out to have more than enough power and sounds quite excellent with these.   
 Yes there is a big difference between the two. You should be able to get a pretty affordable balanced cable. 
 At first I quickly filled up 2x 64gb cards using hi rez .flac files. I converted it all to 16/44.1 (because, you know... no difference), so I'm kind of with you. I'm almost 2/3 of the way full, but really have a lot of music to choose from still. Also, haven't posted much in this thread, but I use my X5 quite a bit. Purchased it about 10 months ago and it's the first time since my iriver H320 that I've really enjoyed good sounding portable audio. I've also found it pretty...
 Prices aren't that bad at all from this seller. Those HD700 connectors cost like $20 on their own. Plus individually sleeving and braiding all those wires takes a long time.
  That's a good looking cable. Who's the maker?
Someone might have to correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Schiit Wyrd would really effect the USB input on the NFB-28, since the NFB-28 should use only use the data signals from USB (not the power which the Wyrd helps).
 I was looking at the same thing for the exact same purpose. Certainly hard to beat at the price. Glad to hear it works out though. Also I wouldn't mind having a super light cable.
 Well, I hope so too  I had mine left on 24/7 for about 2 months, FWIW. I never had any software malfunction with it, so that part was nice. 
I think the O2 can be a little irritating with the HD700. You really need a warm SS or a tube amp to distort the treble a bit. 
 I guess I had some pretty high hopes for it. I always heard that XMOS is a far superior chip, and the people in the U12 thread hyped it up like it was some sort of amazing device and was really a step up in the USB/COAX conversion technology.  It's an okay unit for the price, but not some miracle device. I compared it to an older Audio-GD reference 3 (USB/COAX converter) feeding both my Reference 1 and emotiva DC-1 and I found it to be harsh up top, not as detailed and...
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