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I don't think amps have much to do with it. T1 just isn't a very balanced or fast headphone. 
 Yea the T1 is one of the most incredibly bright headphones I've ever heard, outside the realm of Grados. Doesn't matter which amp, the design is fatally flawed and there will always be a ton of treble ringing because it is pretty much a closed headphone.
  I'm pretty sure the connection Tyll was making is that the LCD-4 are a more revealing headphone. By doing this they are revealing flaws that have always existed in the Audeze headphones that weren't as obvious. 
 I agree with you. I think just about the only overall superior headphone is the HE-6. Audeze is so far behind now.   I think you're reading right for the most part. The HE-6 sounds very clinical and very accurate. The HE-500 is a more fun listen, while still being very fast and accurate. 
 This album. Totally stellar.   Question for everyone in general. Has anyone found a straight upgrade from the HE-500? For some reason I've kept my HE-500 longer than most headphones, and I'm pretty sure it's because I haven't really found one. The HE-560 was pretty "meh". 
  Definitely agree with you on used, but I wouldn't buy it for more than $500. It's on par with the HE-500 or HE-560. But for a new one, might be worth it for those that have to have headphones new. 
Adorama has the Audeze LCD-2 for $750.     http://www.adorama.com/AULCD2LATC.html?emailprice=t&hotlink=t&svfor=5m&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=rflaid62905         I'm always shocked when I see people asking $850 for a used pair of LCD-2. This $750 comes around pretty frequently. IMO, the LCD-2 is worth around $700, so this makes it a decent price. 
  Mojo and HE-6 aren't an ideal matching. You'll get sound and it'll be loud, but the bass will sound thin and the treble will be very forward. If you want an HE-6 you need to get a dedicate amp for it. It's a beat on its own.
Well, finally willing to post about this unit. Purchased one about 2 months ago. Been running it out of my Emotiva DC-1.      I'm pretty darn impressed with this unit. I owned the Roc (old balanced amp) about 4 years ago. This thing is definitely more refined. Far better detail retrieval, terrific sound stage and there's a certain speed to the sound I can't quite describe.  This thing really sings with my Ultimate Ears CIEM as well. Totally black background. Really...
Probably not. Or if they do with some generic response. I've had the worst customer support from iriver in the past. I would never buy an AK product purely based on how bad it was.
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