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Ya'll got me intrigued with this. Looks so simple and clean. Any comparisons to other common USB converters? 
 Would be great if you could use with USB OTG with iphone or android.
 I dunno what you're talking about.  
 Sorry I don't recall reading any updates on the 'tube boners'. Did schiit make a more permanent solution?
    I think Jude said it would be $79, which really makes it a great price to complement to any desktop rig/laptop.The size is much smaller than I expected based on the picture. About 6 months ago I probably would have grabbed this thing for a portable USB DAC, but splurged on a Fiio X5 for it's USB DAC feature. 
  Wow, those CSDs look pretty bad, but definitely explain the darker tone of the MA900. That bass resonance is why they don't sound as neutral as the frequency response leads one to believe. 
 Hah! I like that case you've got!  I occasionally check back on this thread in hopes Joe will have some update information as well.
DEAL:   Fiio X5 Portable player, USB DAC USED - $200.00 + S&H
 So when I listen to headphones, I can usually pick out what most people will enjoy, which can be bit different than my preferences.  Personally, I pick a stock Q701 over all three (well not totally stock, I changed the headband). The 'bass mod' emphasized the dip in the midrange that these drivers have and made it sound wonky to me. When I pick up my Q701 it's for serious listening. I have different headphone for gaming and movie watching. This means I'm picking music...
 I would bet the "Quincy Jones" aspect of the Q701 has much more to do with "artists endorsing headphones" after the beats success, rather than Mr. Jones actually being involved with the design of the headphones. The real question would be.... which party decided "Lime" is a good accent color.    So I own two pairs of K702AE, and compared them to my Q701 and briefly to a K712. The K712 and K702AE sound basically the same as the Q701, once the pads are swapped. Really...
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