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Adorama has the Audeze LCD-2 for $750.     http://www.adorama.com/AULCD2LATC.html?emailprice=t&hotlink=t&svfor=5m&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=rflaid62905         I'm always shocked when I see people asking $850 for a used pair of LCD-2. This $750 comes around pretty frequently. IMO, the LCD-2 is worth around $700, so this makes it a decent price. 
  Mojo and HE-6 aren't an ideal matching. You'll get sound and it'll be loud, but the bass will sound thin and the treble will be very forward. If you want an HE-6 you need to get a dedicate amp for it. It's a beat on its own.
Well, finally willing to post about this unit. Purchased one about 2 months ago. Been running it out of my Emotiva DC-1.      I'm pretty darn impressed with this unit. I owned the Roc (old balanced amp) about 4 years ago. This thing is definitely more refined. Far better detail retrieval, terrific sound stage and there's a certain speed to the sound I can't quite describe.  This thing really sings with my Ultimate Ears CIEM as well. Totally black background. Really...
Probably not. Or if they do with some generic response. I've had the worst customer support from iriver in the past. I would never buy an AK product purely based on how bad it was.
 There's definitely something unique about the K501 sound in terms of speed and clarity. I was just surprised on the measurement. It's so drastic.    I never tried EQing the K501 when I had it. But if you add bass, you'll also start to lose some of the other characteristics of the K501, such as soundstage.It's all in balance. 
  Thanks for the update! Really dig the changes you guys made with the new line. I've been looking to get a pair of towers for a long time, so I'm really excited you guys brought back the passive line! 
 Yea, I've been lurking in this thread for quite awhile. I purchased a pair of HD800 about 9 months ago, and every since then I've been looking for my next headphone hit (yes, that kind of hit. It's pretty much an addiction at this point).  I was thinking about going back to the HE-6 since I liked that headphone so much, but then this next generation started rolling out and I've been reading since. I tried the HE560, but found them to be a small improvement over the HE500...
 Had a V181 balanced amplifier and for some reason it really hit a good spot with the HE-500. Almost makes me regret selling it. 
 Man, that bass roll off though  Probably the worst I've ever seen.
  I agree with you on the backlash. It's become a really strange trend. Instead of discussing each headphone and how we perceive their sound relative to other headphones, it's become threads where people defend their headphones and talk about how good they are, almost to an emotional level. As if their headphone's honor has somehow been damaged if someone says something negative about them. The backlash is so overdone and blown out of proportion. 
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