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  I also agree having owned most of the current 'flagship' headphones at some point. For most of the music, I ended up grabbing my Q701, which I found slightly more natural than the K701.  Even the K702 anniversary edition didn't sound quite as good as the Q701. The extra bass hides the details in the treble and midrange which is a strong suit for the Q701.
 I don't know if it's fair to call Fostex "stingy". MSRP on those is $1500, IIRC. I think hitting a $650 price new is a pretty good deal. Last few that sold used were in the $500 range. Sennheiser on the other hand... well find a pair of new Sennheiser HD650s for 50% off . 
 Careful not to make a purchase based on a company's marketing claims.   Any balanced unit will do this for SE output.
 Total bummer. My experience with a few USB interfaces is I had a lot of blue screens with ASIO and WASAPI, but almost none if I used a direct sound. I noticed it happened a lot more when I was changing songs or browsing within a song.
  It is tempting for that headphone, but I wouldn't pay much more than $400 for those headphones, mostly due to their comfort. They are a tad bit brighter than the T1s, and have quite a bit less bass (from my personally listening). The treble is quite a bit hotter, and you really need to see the CSD for those headphones. They definitely have more ringing than the T1 (which has a good amount of ringing). 
Are you using direct sound or are you using asio or bit perfect
 Seems they bumped the prices up a little bit before having this discount, so nothing looks like a hit deal. (Sorry RDA, know you check in here).  
 I believe they are identical drivers, although they do end up sounding somewhat different. 
  The Denon D7000 are a favorite of many (including myself) due to their drum reproduction.
 I can tell you from personal experience measuring the exact impedance across the K601 and K701 drivers they do have different impedance.  I don't think any manufacturer has produced a cable with resistors to change the impedance. It wouldn't make sense on a few levels. The only headphone that had resistors in it were the Sony F1 and MA900.
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