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There's definitely some people that don't like the emo, which I totally understand. But I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding on it. At the time I first used the emotiva, we were all still trying to figure out the HE-6. There was literally no headphone amp that could even get the volume on the HE-6 up to a decent listening level consistently. This was even before the Schiit Mjolnir1 came out, which still didn't have enough power.    I'd still pick the emotiva over...
  Interesting. You could try to hook up the NFB-10 to the Asgard and see if it's still fatiguing. Depending on the recording, it could be the Schiit stack is being more faithful to the recording.   Balancing is a dangerous (expensive) road, but it can be fun. Hope you like the Omnis. Did you get a balanced cable for the HD650?
Totally glad to see you enjoying the new unit. I was watching it on ebay. Totally great price for a balanced dac and amp.When you compared them how long had they been on for? In my experience dacs, especially audio gd ones sound a lot better once theyve been left on for a few hours.
  Interesting. Glad to hear I'm not going crazy (or at least theres a possibility I'm not going crazy). My pair has 4 screws, but on my memory it's a very different sounding headphone. It sound a big step towards the HE-500.   Ordered blutack ahead of time, and Vegan pads are on the way. Looks like this weekend is mod time. 
      Yea, sorry. Was just poking a little fun at the people who think a little amp drives these.  Been missing the HE-6 for about 3 years now, glad to have them on my head again. It has been 3 years, but if my memory serves me correctly, these sound very different than my very early production pair. Has anyone compared multiple versions of these? Is there a difference, or have I lost my memory?
Finally got a pair of these and I have to say they sound terrific.      However, it's clear that many people were right when they said the claims of needing jigawatts to power these are terribly exaggerated. These can easily be driven off a smartphone or a tablet. No need to spend tons of money on amplifiers. Watts are watts objectively speaking.     
If you purchase the Apogee groove along with any of the other headphones I'm listing, take $30 off the price.  (HERE)       Condition: These headphones are in very good condition overall. For an additional $15 I can add in the obnoxious green cable from the Q701 that's incredibly long (I think 20ft or so).   Included: Headphones 1/4" Screw Adapter Original black cable Original Box         Payment:  Paypal, MO, or check (shipment after payment clears). Price...
http://hifiman.com/products/detail/84   Condition: Acceptable condition. Item shows scratches on the unit itself. The original little box is also showing quite a bit of wear (if that matters to you). The black vinyl sticker is peeling in the corners.    Included: Hifiman HE Adapter Original Box     Payment:  Paypal, MO, or check (shipment after payment clears). Price includes paypal fees and shipping costs with USPS priority service. Shipping to CONUS only for...
If you purchase the Apogee groove along with any of the other headphones I'm listing, take $30 off the price.  (HERE)   Ultrasone Performance 840 S-Logic Plus     Condition: Good condition. No issues, not used very much. I've owned them about 4 months and purchased new. Includes everything, as original condition   Included: Headphones 1/4" Screw Adapter Long Cable Short Cable Travel Pouch Original Box     Payment:  Paypal, MO, or check (shipment after payment...
Wanted to see if anyone's got a pair they aren't using before I a pair.   Shipping to CONUS.
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