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   Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, the pins broke completely flush with the connector, so no way to wiggle a knife in there. Also couldn't get a wire to solder in, since the interior is filled with plastic. Any solder joint I made attached to both the pin and connector and at the risk of damaging the drivers I decided not to take a chance.  So to cut my losses and not make it worse, I think I'll have to reshell them. Kind of a bummer, but it seems this is pretty...
So I pulled my out of my hard case today and found the pins were broken off, and stuck in one earpiece.  The earpiece is fine, but the pins are stuck in the connector. Any way to get them out or am I SOL?
 The headphones have the same sensitivity since all the electrical parts for the headphones are the same.   Yea these headphones are pretty far from neutral. Actually could be the farthest from neutral I've ever heard.
 I know this was awhile back but I'm just seeing it.  I just got a DC-1 a few weeks ago. Wow! Seriously good DAC on this thing. As far as headphone out, it'll definitely get you there. I think I read it pretty much has the same power as the benchmark 1 headphone out. I think you can do a little better with a Matrix M-stage or a Schiit Vali, if you want a little more clarity to the K712.
 They do have really wide "headspace" between. Sorry I don't know what else to call that. It's probably one continuous band in there, so you could try to bend the metal band until the ears start taking some of the weight. It's pretty common to do with the Fostex T50rp.  As for similar, the soundmagic HP1000 are pretty similar, but better bass control and a far better midrange. Still has a lot of low down bass punch. 
 I believe originally it was going to fit into the Magni chassis.  Every time someone asked about the release date, Jason added $50 to the price, 1 month to the delivery date, and 1/2 inch to the dimension. 
 No it's on another site. You'll have to search for it, since we're not allowed to link to that site. 
  I've seen two comparisons of the Schiit Gungnir and Emotiva DC-1 and both put the DC-1 at the same level as a DAC only.
 A agree with this. It's hard to say this headphone is worth $200. If you all are looking for a lower price, the refurbished units from AKG's outlet are always $130 w/ free shipping.
 I've got them both and agree with this. If you're looking for something specifically for the HE-500 emotiva for sure. Better sound. If you want a more all around, the M-stage is a jack of all trades. 
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