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This amplifier is overall in good, but used condition.   Condition: Good condition overall. Expect some scratches and nicks here and there. I put a little bluetack on the tubes, which greatly reduces the ringing on this amplifier. It can be removed pretty easily.   Included: Schiit Vali Power Adapter     Payment:  Paypal, MO, or check (shipment after payment clears). Price includes paypal fees and shipping costs with USPS priority service. Shipping to CONUS only for...
 I had no idea there even was one. Why did someone make another carbon thread 
So..... any more reviews? All the units shipped and the people that got them are silent?
Any notes on sq change ? Frys still has this guy on sale.
 Any more comments on audio improvements, if any? I'm currently using a Monster one, which I like quite a bit. However, it is quite ugly. This thing looks really slick.
 Any comments on it so far? 
  It's not necessarily a mp3 vs FLAC issue as it is the compression of the vocals and cymbals. Dynamic range is a great way to check how sibilant a track is. 
 Unfortunately, not any way to completely reduce it, but you can avoid it. 1. Get a warmer sounding amplifier2. Listen to higher quality music.   Still listening to Adele? Unfortunately, all her albums have such bad SQ, that can definitely add to the sibilance.
Massdrop's Black friday sales are posted. A lot of their same deals rehashed, but a few new ones that are interesting. One that really stood out was the Violectric V181, which is a great balanced amp. It never is discounted.   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/violectric-hpa-v181-balanced-headphone-amplifier       Fiio X5 gen 2 for $300 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/fiio-x5-2nd-generation-player     Also one of those custom DT990 and DT880 set-up and some Grados if...
 Gah! Don't tell me that! I'm really trying to hold off on searching for a different amp until I at least hear the 950s. 
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