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  Wow, those new cases look really good. 
 If you want to buy brand new, the only deal I ever offer mrspeakers offering is at local head-fi meets. On black friday the 'deal' wasn't a discount but some add on, like a carry pouch. The returned headphones he would resell used to be a small discount of like $20-$30, IIRC.  If you're willing to buy used, there have been a surprisingly large number of alpha dogs listed for sale. You can probably find a good price in there. Guess they didn't live up to the hype 
 None ever reported. I think there's close to 0 chance of it happening. 
 My Austrian made also creak. Right around the 0:33 mark is what mine do. 
 Bummer!  I'm not sure of any other solutions. I would use a glue that could be removed in time. I think someone tried to use velcro, but that might ruin the seal the headphones make! 
  Glue them back ?  Or try to contact ultrasone's lack luster support. I purchased that cable and have been very happy with it. It's made by our own wje. Really solid cable with 0 microphonics. 
 Oh... yea that's what I meant. Guess the eye roll came off the wrong way. 
 Pretty good price indeed. Seems they're finally getting to LLF's $300 mark  Although, the HD700 have been selling used in the $400-$500 mark. 
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