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  This mod definitely received some really rave reviews just about everywhere I find it. Some time ago I tried it and found pretty similar sound changes, along with more of a "one note" bass. I think I was one of the only people posting int he Q701 thread that thought the stock version sounded better, and everyone else said "MORE BASS!". But, to each their own 
 I wasn't super floored with the Alpha dogs, for their asking price. Maybe when used ones hit the $400 range I'll think about it, but I didn't think the change in SQ warranted the price. (still rocking a pair of Mad Dog 3.0). Then again, you seem to enjoy trying many different T50rp mod variants, so might be more worth it for you  What mods have you tried on these so far? With some felt in place, I still need to exclusively run them off the Schiit Vali. Even then,...
 Sorry to hear about that! Very disappionting.
 Interesting! I just got my pair and they look like the NT6, maybe even deeper?  Hard to say VS the demo unit since it's been so long since I used it. From what stood out bass definitely is deeper, better sense of space (hard to describe, but not soundstage or imaging, but space between instruments), and a bit clearer.
 Indeed. Some heartbreaking events. And the response from people was pretty... well sad as well: "yea yea, sad stuff, where are my earphones"   I'm rooting for you! I really am enjoying my pair 
 Unfortunately, due to the rude/entitled posture of current customers, I doubt this will come back anytime soon. 
 Hey Keith -  Any chance you guys sell the black trim pieces for the A-100? 
 The only think the NFB-28 will really have an edge in is the fact it has a balanced headphone amplifier, and I would venture a better SE headphone amp. The DC-1 runs right up to my Audio-GD Reference 1 and puts up a good fight.    This... many many times. It's just incredibly flexible to have, because the quality is so good on so many fronts. USB input? Shockingly good for a built in USB port. Most DACs that have USB input use a lower quality or older tech, but on this...
Just got mine in today, and they haven't left my ears. Really digging them with my Fiio X5 atm.    Quick question: Has anyone run these on a balanced amplifier (desk or portable)? Any major improvements in balanced vs SE?
 1. Just measures my HD700 on my coffee scale. If I throw the whole thing on there I get about 390g (cable and all). But if I rest the cable off the scale I get 290g. Unfortunately, a bit of a judgement call  2. I'll try to do a comparison in the next few days. Just got my UERM, so my ears are gonna stay plugged for awhile . Off the top of my head, they are pretty different headphones. 
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