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 Very much appreciate hearing how your experienced ears hear the differences in the two, especially that bolded part. Read through the whole thing a few times. I had a brief listening session with both and remember having a similar general impression (about the JH13 being a bit bassier) but I don't really recall any great details and appreciated your input. Also I was worried that the reference sound would become irritating for extended listenings on the UERM, which no one...
   Considering they're in the same asking price, with diminishing returns that means the HE-6 is a bargain, or...... The Mad Dogs are great and a great value though  
 Just because the asking price is $900-$1000 doesn't mean they're worth it 
 The drivers in the headphones are excellent drivers. They are really fast and have great detail retrieval. So people saw the potential for them to sound better. By controlling certain aspects that affect closed headphones (e.g. resonance from the back of the cup), early modders got these to sound pretty darn good. A year or so later, mrspeakers began to toy with them and later started a business out of them. A few others followed.  I think the Mad dog headphones are a...
 I think I might be in the same boat as you. I've started looking at different times, but in that time frame the stock look on these has grown on me. It looks really clean on these. Good to hear (no pun) about the refit! One reason I'm leaning to the UERM is the fact that they are so close and getting them repaired won't require them being shipped overseas. Also, glad to hear they have a straightforward repair fee. Maybe the repair fee works out for a 'refit' because...
 I also have this question that wasn't answered awhile back. Just about ready to jump on board for these through the massdrop deal, especially since UE's OC office is pretty close to me. From the their order page it seems like the ones above are what you get and you can't customize, even though looks like some people got them custom. Anyone know how this works out? Hoping maybe @Mike Dias might be able to jump in on this.
   It would really be nice to see any sort of demo or review of these. Also looking at the prices the U6 isn't a whole lot less than the typical sales prices that 1964 ears runs, so kind of hard to jump on these without any sort of demo.  Interesting concept though. Watched all the videos I could. Some of it seems a little gimmicky. Would be nice to see someone's thoughts on read world translation.
 Sorry, meant to say "discount in cart", that must add to the confusion. Here's how far I needed to go to see the discount. This is the page after selecting a shipping address. 
 I'm currently seeing: Nominal price: 196.85Discount in cart: -33.46Rebate: -35_______________ 128.39 + tax (yay california ) The "33.46" shows up for me when I go through the checkout process, after selecting the shipping address. I needed to go pretty far in to see it. 
Don't think this got posted, but.....       Beyer DT990 Pros for $132 with coupons and rebates 
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