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Also, happy 1000 pages.... to ... uh I guess us ?
 I'm not entirely sure what 'China made' has to do with it.   What amplifier did you have the for K612?
In case anyone's lurking for a good price, K612 prices have hit a new low $139 for a new pair w/ shipping.     On the classifieds this is the going price for a used pair, give or take a few bucks. 
DEAL POST   Been a slow weekend for deals. Found a few lower than usual prices here.      1. AKG K612 $139 Condition: New Shipping: Free Previous lowest: $160, May 2014   2.  AKG K545 $138 Condition: Used (AW) Shipping: Free   (maybe we can make 'deal' posts in a larger than usual font? )
 That's odd . I know the T90 and T70 really didn't sell many units at all. I wonder if they are selling brand new units as "open box" in order to get around Beyer's pricing restrictions and move some at lower prices. 
 I think neutered might be a bit strong, but this album is one I really like to compare different 'masterings' on. I think this one is the best, although somewhat hard to find.  Japan 1st pressing catalog #35·8P-11
 Yea.... If you're using lossless on your computer, it shouldn't make any difference. Either placebo or something in the hardware is different. 
  Wow... that is quite an EQ
 Kinda hard to tell with the pictures, but that's some surprisingly low quality solder work. I'm sad to see that on such an expensive set of headphones. 
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