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 Prices aren't that bad at all from this seller. Those HD700 connectors cost like $20 on their own. Plus individually sleeving and braiding all those wires takes a long time.
  That's a good looking cable. Who's the maker?
Someone might have to correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Schiit Wyrd would really effect the USB input on the NFB-28, since the NFB-28 should use only use the data signals from USB (not the power which the Wyrd helps).
 I was looking at the same thing for the exact same purpose. Certainly hard to beat at the price. Glad to hear it works out though. Also I wouldn't mind having a super light cable.
 Well, I hope so too  I had mine left on 24/7 for about 2 months, FWIW. I never had any software malfunction with it, so that part was nice. 
I think the O2 can be a little irritating with the HD700. You really need a warm SS or a tube amp to distort the treble a bit. 
 I guess I had some pretty high hopes for it. I always heard that XMOS is a far superior chip, and the people in the U12 thread hyped it up like it was some sort of amazing device and was really a step up in the USB/COAX conversion technology.  It's an okay unit for the price, but not some miracle device. I compared it to an older Audio-GD reference 3 (USB/COAX converter) feeding both my Reference 1 and emotiva DC-1 and I found it to be harsh up top, not as detailed and...
 Ouch, I thought they offered 20% at a previous meet I attended. I guess they're getting enough sales rolling in  Noble offered 2 discounts last year, IIRC. One was a "birthday" (either the company or maybe Dr. Moulton's) and during black friday weekend.
 Yes, I remember it acting up, but thought you had got it resolved . Bummer though. I ended up selling mine.  Maybe you should also do some sort of headphone/audio ritual. Dancing around a fire sacrificing to the audio gods. Hey! this sounds like the way to start a cable company. "burned in cables" - literally.
Alright, which one of you won that ebay auction 
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