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    I agree with Hansotek here. It's just okay and doesn't really pull enough power to show off the HE-6. FWIW I have found this to be true of any "headphone" company that offers an amplifier: Beyerdynamic,Sennheiser, 
  If you haven't made a decision yet, keep your eye out for used ones too. Plenty of people are selling theirs second hand for less than $500. The Mjo2 is a little softer in the treble and not as harsh sounding, slightly smoother. There are some comparisons floating around. It's been awhile since I compared them side by side. 
 They both have a weird spike in the treble.  X2 will much larger bass quantity and impact. It has a small treble spike that may be irritating to some. HD700's treble is still hotter. 
 I'd group 6moons into a group with headfonia. Not very technical or analytical understanding of headphones. I wouldn't make any decisions off their site.    Agreed. EF-6 was pretty mediocre with the HE-6. Wonder if it fairs better with the HE-500?
I would guess the pins for data aren't making contact.    http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/usb-connector-pinout       Sorry to hear that make. I'm super cautious about charging and connecting my unit for this reason. USB contacts wear out over time. Hopefully others can chime in here. 
 May sound weird, but I had an issue where a certain USB port wouldn't recognize it. Maybe try a different port/computer? Otherwise some compressed air might clean out something that's blocking the contact point.
 Owned the HE-6 a long time. It's definitely a double edged sword. The HE-6 needs a lot. You need to have a good DAC, a great amplifier, and high quality sound recordings (not just talking FLAC here). If you have any of those categories lacking, the HE-6 will sound bright and edgy and can be very sibilant. I found 90% of the music I had in my collection didn't sound very good.  I think the HE-6 is a clear step up from the HE-500. In comparison I'd put the HE-560 on par or...
 HE-6 is definitely a step over the HE-500, but it has lots of nuances as well.  I'd easily place the T1 under the HE-500. It's pretty far behind in terms of overall sound balance and detail retrieval. 
Hey all,     Thinking someone might have a spare balanced cable floating around. Planning on getting a new HD650 here and would like a cable to match. Looking to spend less than $100 on one, as thats what ela-audio is currently charging for a new one. I'll probably grab one from them in a few days.   Termination in a 4pin XLR length is preferably 7ft plus   Also if you're looking to sell your pair of HD650s I might be interested, but at the current rate of a used...
 Holy crap! This grabbed my curiousity and sure enough people have done this with the legendary iriver H320 and H120 players!    I don't think I've read anything. Theoretically it supports up to 2tb microsd cards, but then there's all the compatibility stuff. Maybe @Joe Bloggs can comment.
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