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 I'm with you. between flac and a good 320mp3 it's not as blatantly different as I thought it was, and it really depends on the quality of the recording. On really well recorded stuff I can pretty easily pick out flac, but on a lot of garbage recordings, I have a pretty hard time.  I shudder about hooking up a pair of HD700 to a rag. Isn't the combination too bright? Have you modded the HD700 at all?
 Hansotek explains 'scales' below, but to elaborate a bit, some headphones tend to get better with better amplification (whether power or quality) and DACs. Some other headphones tend to kind of sound the same whether you run them off a $200 amplifier or $1000 amplifier (cost being a direct, albeit flawed, method of comparison).  For example, IMO the Audeze LCD-2 doesn't really sound a whole lot better with a better DAC and amplifier.  On the other hand the HE-6 will show...
  Seems to be some scheme that runs across many expensive items (headphone, speakers, monitors, computer parts, etc). Looks like they try to get you to contact their email address and then make the purchase outside Amazon (i.e. "send us your credit card number, promise we're honest!)  Guaranteed scam to get your credit card number. 
  Dunno what kind of power the EF5 output, but I know the Audio-GD NFB10SE was a bit lean on power and I think it was around 5W into 50ohms. It was fine for most music, but anything that had a large dynamic range it couldn't quite get enough spl.  Then there's the other side which is how well the HE-6 scales with better amplification. 
  So you're talking about quantity over quality?  HE500 has quite a bit of bass for an open headphone. Not too many will have as much. But the quantity you'll get from a closed back is often due to resonance in the cup, and will often sound "one noted" compared to a controlled dynamic driver. Don't really get to appreciate the nuances. 
 I think the HE500 has pretty terrific bass. It's pretty darn flat and extends pretty far. Even with mediocre amplification it stays pretty tight.
   Yea I was swapping around headphones and to some extent sold the HE-6 with the expectation I would purchase the next "new" pair of headphones from hifiman. The HE1000's price makes it seem pretty silly. Also, I wasn't super floored by the Edition X. Just to throw mud, I wasn't really happy with the HE560 after purchasing it.  It's surprising how the HE-6 has multiple listings in the classifieds with people trying to buy a pair and it seems to take people some time to...
  So you believe that since the HE-1000 costs more it's better?   Also, has anyone compared those Audeze Vegans to Focus-A pads? Really like the Focus-A pads on my HE-500, and after years of regret for seeling my HE-6, I finally purchased a new pair. 
 .... Because I could buy an X7 without a module and a module at the same time? Otherwise I would end up with a module I don't want sitting in a drawer. I'm sure many owners of the Fiio X7 who have purchased additional amp modules will end up with one that will just sit in a drawer. 
  What if I purchase a used amp module here on head-fi?
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