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nvm, not worth the trouble.
 A good import from those reviews/histories is that you have to really know who is reviewing the headphone, and how much credibility they have. High post count and owning a lot of headphones doesn't mean they are going to be accurate. I find a review that person posted that coincides with gear I have owned, to compare for accuracy For example, calling the T1 "neutral" is a pretty clear flag to me, not to mention all the flaws the T1s have that were not pointed out.  Tyll's...
 Yea, it's easy to reverse. I'd suspect most people will enjoy the mod. Try taking only one side off at a time. Do a side by side comparison. If you listen to bass heavy music you'll probably really enjoy it. If you're into more acoustic sounds, you might feel it's a little off. If you really like the mod you should look into the K702 anniversary or K712. Adds a bit more bass, but in a more consistent manner. 
 Yea, I wouldn't even try. Too many lose scenarios on this one. 
 Also did something like this, totally replacing the headband. Far better than any extra padding things I tried. Luckily, I had a spare K701 headband that I could scrap the parts of, without committing to damage the Q701 stock headband.  
 1. I think the only thing that really was different was some loss in midrange. When I did the mod, I started to notice the inconsistency in the midrange, very reminiscent of the K701. If you're not doing any critical listening you may not notice it, or the loss in detail. 2. I'd venture most people will prefer it since it gives a little extra bass. I personally found the incoherencies in the midrange to be pretty annoying. 
 I'm sure if Denon had the choice they would. Too bad the replacement they found (D7100) is so dismal. It's like they lost their supplier, and in a long arduous product meeting to find a replacement, someone finally said "Well, I mean come on. They're only $1200 headphones, how hard can they be to make?"
  I've tried a handful of pads with the D7000, and the stock ones really hit the mark for me. 
 Followed you over from the D7000 thread  
 I'd be pretty interested in what you find with the D7000, and will keep an eye out for any comments. 
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