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 What I think is super interesting about vintage receivers is that most of them actually use the speaker taps for the headphone output! There's a direct line with a resistor (I think the SX-990 is 120ohms when I was looking into it). So it shouldn't matter that much, as long as the resistors are decent quality. I didn't find much of a difference when I A-B compared mine. I think the T50rp drivers really sing out of vintage receivers too. It's a really strange vintage/power...
 I didn't get a notification so I ran and checked. Looks like I'm actually 3rd  Bummer! Hopefully that guy has second thoughts.   I think the DACs in the combo units I've heard and owned are almost worth the asking price alone. They are such good DACs. I don't think I've heard a DAC that to my ears competes with the flagship DACs kingwa cranks out.   You'll probably get more volume out of the Master 9, and a bit more control over the driver, if that makes any sense...
 So that's what you sold the Mjolnir for. I was kicking myself all sunday afternoon for not winning that. I was 2nd highest. Was really hoping to try some of yours to compare against my balanced mad dogs. 
 It's definitely this. Listen to the latest and greatest for Katy Perry and you'll be fine. Recordings that have a high dynamic range will be the only ones with volume issues.
 Oh yea. I didn't think it did so well SE. Of course all of this was using the older, NFB-10SE, and IMHO. EDIT: Forgot to add, I thought the HE-500 and HE-400 were both really spectacular on the NFB-10SE. The increased performance of having a balanced amplifier really shone through. 
 I had the NFB-10SE for quite some time actually. I found that it did a pretty good job for a headphone amp. It got most music up to OK volumes, but if there was a recording that wasn't cranked up in mastering, I had the volume maxed out and on high gain most of the time.  These are really stellar units though. So much functionality shoved into one box, and with so much SQ is really a bargain.
 The profit margins on dynamic headphones (especially HD800 and T1) are incredibly high. Seems AKG has been to respond by dropping their prices quite a bit, and beyerdynamic seems to be following. Sennheiser responded by forcing their prices. The T1s have so many flaws it's hard to consider them even at that price, which is part of the reason their price keeps dropping.  Speaking of Beyer. DT990 PROs are the lowest they've been in 3 months. $146 and...
 I asked in the X5, but got no dice there. Was hoping someone might have had a chance to plug in the Fiio X5 and gotten any luck. Having USB OTG support would really be a nice feature.
Price lowered again! 
Another price drop!
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