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  I think this is definitely accurate. I think it's hard to call the LCD2 a total upgrade. It's better in some spots, worse in others. Treble on the LCD2 is definitely uneven and recessed, so it kind of depends how much value you put on it.   Either way I think $700 is a pretty solid price on them (compared to what they go for), and Either headphone is better than the T1. 
  I'm not sure where that quote is coming from but I'm pretty dumbfounded by it. The T1's have more extended bass and more midrange, but they also have more treble? FR is all about balance, e.g. if you have more bass and more treble the balance is the midrange is withdrawn. This impression is all over, and tbh I disagree with most of the statements.   1. Neutral? The T1? If you see anyone say T1 and neutral it should be a red flag on how critical of a listener they...
   Great price on these. Quick perusal of LCD2 on the classifieds has them listed between $750 and $850 for a used pair?
 Yup. Had the HE560 and I was hoping it would land somewhere in between the HE500 and HE6 in terms of SQ. I was overall disappointed with it. Weird tonal balance and the treble was very irritating. Compared to the HE-6 I'd put it more or less on par with the HE500.    I recently got some new amplifiers and I'm very impressed with how well the HE500 has scaled. I wasn't expecting it to scale so well. Also Hifiman Focus-A pads are a great addition to the HE500. 
Manufacturer's Info here:   http://www.apogeedigital.com/products/groove     Unit is unused, but when the item arrived the little stickers were coming up (for full disclosure).   Price includes shipping and paypal fees CONUS.    
    Over the holidays I purchased 2 items from Amazon Warehouse and both times received fakes. One time I purchased a 128gb microsd and received a 64gb one. Another I purchased a MSI 980ti and received a MSI 960 (identical coolers).  I thought, NBD, Amazon's got me covered. But in January I received an email which basically said "hey you're returning a lot, hope everything is ok." Looked and my return rate was around 5% because of those 2 items. Googled it and plenty of...
  IMO, no. The HE-6 is a special headphone and you need to build an entire rig around it. I don't think the Lyr2 will cut it.   FWIW, I prefer the HE-500 to the HE-560. I think it's a terrific headphone overall. The HE-560 had a very odd treble spike that made it hard to listen to. Just got a new amp for the HE-500 and it definitely scales well.
    I agree with Hansotek here. It's just okay and doesn't really pull enough power to show off the HE-6. FWIW I have found this to be true of any "headphone" company that offers an amplifier: Beyerdynamic,Sennheiser, 
  If you haven't made a decision yet, keep your eye out for used ones too. Plenty of people are selling theirs second hand for less than $500. The Mjo2 is a little softer in the treble and not as harsh sounding, slightly smoother. There are some comparisons floating around. It's been awhile since I compared them side by side. 
 They both have a weird spike in the treble.  X2 will much larger bass quantity and impact. It has a small treble spike that may be irritating to some. HD700's treble is still hotter. 
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