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 Remember? I still have mine! I think they can bury me with it. Those were really great players. Too bad iRiver jacked their prices up so much.
 Lol, I don't think Dr. Fang disqualified himself.   I'm very interested to see what's next for hifiman with these headphones. IMO, the HE-6 was a league better than the T1, LCD-2, and HD800. I think this could be a bit of a game changer in the high end headphone market, if it's not priced too high. Also, saying it's "on par" with the Orpheus is a heavy statement.  I also agree with Dr. Fang saying that the Stax sound almost "ethereal" and don't really have a life to them....
redacted atm
 Perfect!  Now we just need to live in the same side of the planet and we could compare! 
 Tbh, that's a hefty price for a cable. If they aren't interested in reterminating, I wouldn't hesitate to ask them for a refund. I don't see any reason for you to worry 
Mine finally showed up. Got the drivers hooked up and looks like it's all up and running. 
 If you want to keep it, they should easily reterminate it for you to a slimmer jack. Takes less than 5 minutes to do. 
Anyone been able to find out if Emotiva will sell the black knob and aluminum panels from the Gen2? Or anyone have luck just painting them?
 Ouch that's a total bummer. Lots of amplifiers have a bit of a recessed socket like that. I'm not sure why ALO would make such a large cosmetic sleeve. I'd reterminate that, or if you haven't before, I'd ask ALO to fix it.  You could ask them to make you an adapter, but their prices ..... wow 100 bucks for wire between two $5 connectors.... ouch
 Soooo a good week ahead for you?   Look forward to hear your comparison to the Bifrost, since that's a more common DAC.
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