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Posts by elwappo99  The main designed @ emotiva (Lonnie) has known about this mod for quite awhile. 
 It's fine (for the price). When you start talking First Watt you're really talking about different beasts.  Funny they added the jack to the front. Wonder what gave them that idea?
    Deja vu?!?!  I'm right with you. I had a really bad experience with iRiver a few years back before they did this AstellKern branding deal. No thank you, I will not spend $700 on a player with 0 support (when in warranty).       I hope this means the Pioneer XDP 300 will drop down into the $500 range. 
Sennheiser HD700 open headphones   Condition: Excellent condition overall.  I purchased these new from Sennheiser Directly. Used a very minimal amount since then.       Included: HD700 Original Stock Cable Original Factory Box and Sleeve   $350   Prices include paypal fees and shipping CONUS.
FS: Audio-GD  Class A single ended headphone amplifier.    Absolutely wonderful warm and detailed amplifier that runs in Class A. One of the best single ended amplifiers I've heard in this price range.      Includes: Audio-GD Class-A Amplifier Stock Power Cord
FS: Fully balanced (and compact) Emotiva's DC-1 DAC. Excellent DAC that also serves as a preamp, and has a headphone amplifier with 2 outputs up front. Terrific sounding unit, but I'm moving some gear around.     Included: DC-1 Balanced DAC Remote Control Stock Power Cord Original Shipping Box   $400   Prices include paypal fees and shipping CONUS.
  See above.
  I think you're pretty much on point, although I would slightly disagree with you on this point: Being able to discern SQ is as much about learning and training your ears as much as it is being "blessed" with a specific ability to hear. When I went to meets and talked to people (and based on reading head-fi) I would say a lot of people haven't done this very well.  The vast majority of perceived improvements in more expensive headphones comes completely from the...
 I have a similar toyota radio. This is correct ^. The USB input on the toyota works with ipod and iphone devices. You could also use it as a "USB" storage, like a flash drive which allows you to navigate folders and play songs, but I think it only supports mp3 and in my experience any flash drive that has a lot of files on it causes it to get overwhelmed.  I'd keep it connected bluetooth or using an Aux cord and buy a real charging adapter. The USB port on the car is...
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