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 haha I know you don't mean it's the best amp out there, blah blah. But a good price/performer. Just a bit of humor 
 You should definitely find what Schiit has said regarding DSD. 
  Oh snap  
  Sorry! Forgot this wasn't an open internet forum!  Apparently you're out of the loop. Source cannot be quoted on head-fi. It isn't allowed.   
 All the comments he is referring to were from people who had first hand experience.  I don't see how you came to the conclusion they weren't?
 To fit all this.... Emotiva DC-1. Really good unit, under $500 every day. Comes down to $400-$450 during sales.  Also has a good preamp and remote on it.     The DC-1 had 2 headphone outs as well. I don't think it costs that much more to put them in, but many units that include a headphone amp seems to be more of a "side-feature" as opposed to the "main attraction".
 I agree with you it's pretty annoying. I don't see why they didn't just use a basic 3.5mm or mini XLR which is so much more common.   One downside to the "adapter" route is that those extra connectors are adding some impedance to the system. I don't know how much since I haven't measured, and it may not matter depending on the headphone. But, it seems kind of silly to shell out big money on cables that could make your headphones sound worse.  
 Wait.. no no ... you gotta send them back after! 
 Looks really good. HD800-esque! I think the dimmer lighting doesn't show off the blue much.  So, when can we start sending you our HD700s?   
 Definitely agree with you. I've purchased and ran through a ton of headphones and this method although more time consuming is great for two reasons: 1. At each step you'll gain more appreciation for small improvements and begin to notice the subtle improvements.  2. You'll learn a lot about SQ at each step. There is a growing market of high end  headphones and if you work your way up you'll be able to tell if the "new" headphone is really a step up from your "current"...
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