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 It's kind of sad, but at the same time it is part of the audio world. The prices wouldn't be holding there if people weren't buying it. The Sennheiser HD700 wasn't selling and the prices dropped by 60% over a few years. I guess someone's buying them   Either way, very admirable of Fiio. Even headphone manufacturers seem to be on the train where they improve a product, slap on a new model number and increase the cost 50%. 
  $700 pre-tax. Yes they are fantastic. I love my pair.
 I've always liked the E12A's stacking kit. Seems orderly. Also the Leckerton units get stellar reviews with UERM. But after @Koolpep's comments I was actually just reading up on Cayin units. 
 I've got a gen1 right now, and I'm actually really happy with this unit. I was planning on adding an amp, just wanted to make sure I shouldn't change paths!   
 Looks free for me 
 Interesting. In that case would you say it's better to get the X5ii or use the X5 with a dedicated portable amp?
 I'm on the right coast and my complimentary unit hasn't shown up! 
  Seems like an easy choice to me   Kingwa was pretty quiet for a few months. Looks like he has been quite a busy gentleman behind the scenes with all these new units! 
 I'd be interested to see what Keith says about longevity. I believe the DC-1 always "stays on" to some extent when you leave it in stand-by mode, and the only way to turn it off is by turning the physical power switch in the back. 
 Can't wait to hear your impressions! 
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