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 It sure beats reading through the last 100+ posts of speculation and how everyone "feels" about it.....
I can't seem to find this posted, but also find it hard to believe no one posted it.     Looks like massdrop is doing another AKG rebrand. The AKG K181 is rebranded and at a pretty aggressive price of $80.   
 Deals it is.  Monoprice is running 15% off total order through tonight  Includes those 8323 headphones everyone loves and cables cables cables. I recently purchased a microusb cable for my note4 and am thrilled by the quality of this little guy:  I was doing that $1 shipped from china cable, but this guy is on a different realm of sturdiness. 
 You'd think I would have learned by now . Unfortunately, without an in person demo, you kind of rely on other people's impressions.I'm getting better at it though   Really though, I was pretty disappointed with the U12. My Reference 3 is literally the predecessor to the Audio-GD Digital Interface 1 . I was sure it would beat it out easily.   I think kingwa is really one of the few people that are very honest in the audio business. Mad props. If you've got an Audio-GD USB...
  Well at first I thought it was an okay unit. Nothing amazing, or really game changing about it. But when I did a head-to-head with my old reference 3, it sounded grainier in the mid range, and overall not nearly as transparent and detailed. It seems I once again got caught up in the head-fi hype machine... Choo choo! Unfortunately, some of the people who are hyping it really are lacking in audio knowledge.
 I had a Gustard U12 with the XMOS I purchased after a lot of hype over it and over the XMOS in general. Was sorely disappointed when compared to the old Audio-GD reference 3
 I totally forgot about those orthos. I was thinking along the lines of LCD-2 and Hifimans which have really large drivers. I haven't heard the Oppo line, but I know it has gotten a lot of attention. The PM-1 and PM-2 both have larger earpads, IIRC.  Tbh, after rolling lots of headphones and amps I just put a pair on and enjoy the music. Get a pair that reaches down to the lows and lets you hear everything and enjoy them. 
  There are only a limited number of headphones. I think someone once said basically what you're saying would make a perfect headphone, but the HE-6 treble, instead of the K712. Basically jump from the HD650 to LCD-2 in terms of bass speed and then imagine making that same jump with the K712 in the treble range. Really fast and transparent.  Unfortunately, I don't think that really exists in any headphone. Every headphone has certain strengths and there really isn't one...
 He typically takes a few weeks and updates everything at once on the site. So it'll probably show up in the next batch.
 Cool findings! I've heard from a few people they later versions are identical to the K712. Maybe I should contact Tyll to send out my early production set.
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