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 Maybe it's a conspiracy by Brian to sell more Sennheisers!!!   But, in all seriousness, a few pages back Brian hopped on and told us they would not be getting anymore sennheisers. 
 When I had a pair of edition 8s i certainly didn't find them neutral. I found they had a very recessed midrange. 
 Very interesting to read your comparison.  Certainly not good news for the WA7?
 I was just mulling this over. How to mod to be balanced while still being able to use the stock cable.  The stock cable has 3 wires inside. You could reterminate the mini xlr into a 4 pin mini xlr, in addition to any balanced cable you'd need to make. 
Member Robrob has made an excellent guide on this exact topic. Balanced Mod
 I find this to be the case with my K702 anniversary vs. Q701. The K702 AE is much more forgiving and easier to listen when the recording is of poor quality. But with a good recording, the Q701 can really shine. 
 I'd also be pretty interested. This definitely has more functionality to it though. 
 This. If I see the deals thread pop up in my subscription I click the link to find a good price on audio equipment, or at worst some discussion of how relevant of a "deal" it is, not to read generic spam messages. Yes, posting your spam message and then linking to a headphone listed at a standard price still makes your post spam. The reason it is marked "discussion" is due to the fact Mods were spending too much time deleting irrelevant posts. We have to self regulate...
 The NFB-10 was particularly confusing. Not to mention, at first glance many thought the NFB-10SE meant "single ended" even thought it was also a balanced unit through and through. 
 Definitely agree. Not to mention if someone says "Schiit Asgard" everyone knows the unit. If you say "Audio-GD NFB-___" there are so many options chances are no ones heard it before. Also, all the Audio-GD owners are fractured into various threads. Variety is great, but I think Kingwa needs to try to limit the options as well. 
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