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  Cool!  Do you have an early production or late production K702 anniversary?
  iriver has certainly been around for a long time. I'm surprised they didn't dip under in the 2009-2012 time frame. Does anyone know if they've had any major shifts in management culture or support in the U.S.A. centers? I owned a lot of irivers (H120(x2), H140, H320(x4), H340, H10) and was a huge fan of those music players. Unfortunately, I had a really bad support experience with them trying to resolve an issue. The person I dealt with was super rude and in the end they...
 Welp, looks like I'm joining the club   (The X5 club, not the father's day club.... nope nope nope nope I enjoy sleeping). Called around and was able to get a discount on one. Wasn't a huge discount, but the way the prices run on these, I'm happy with any.
  That's a lot of DSD!
 TBH, I didn't like the soloist with a lot of my headphones. It sounded grainy, bright, and sucked out the midrange. I really didn't think it was worth the asking price.  The M-Stage has HPA-1 and HPA-2. The HPA-2 is the newer version, and as far as the amplifier is concerned, I don't think a lot of changes were made. From what I've heard, the HPA-2 has a much better DAC, if you're looking as using the USB DAC with it. I haven't heard either one's DAC, so I can't help you...
 Hello! Welcome to head-fi!  I had a Burson Soloist (full one) and didn't like it with the AKG K702 anniversary.  The Lehmann black cube would be a good pick. But, IMO save yourself some money, and get the Matrix M-stage. It's an identical clone and will save you about $900. Matrix will also do very well with the X1s.
 Hey Mark!  Pretty interesting question for someone who's pretty new! There are a few posts above mine that will give you some pretty good information. It seems based on your questions you've picked up a lot of basics on headphone measurements and EQ and have an inquisitive mind, so try and stick with me here.  Graphs are a pretty tricky deal. Frequency response is the most common one people use, but it's not the only measurement taken, and the other ones are very...
 Think about how much ebay made in listing fees . Beyer probably sells them for $400 a piece, so I think they'll be ok 
 I have these experiences exactly. It really was live recordings of jazz or classical music that I'd be trying to crank up the volume. 
 Awesome! Case looks like a pretty even match too. It must be the 1.8" doesn't draw too much power that the usb port is able to host it. You can get some pretty good sized 1.8" hard drives. I think last I heard toshiba had 320gb drives. 
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