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  So you're talking about quantity over quality?  HE500 has quite a bit of bass for an open headphone. Not too many will have as much. But the quantity you'll get from a closed back is often due to resonance in the cup, and will often sound "one noted" compared to a controlled dynamic driver. Don't really get to appreciate the nuances. 
 I think the HE500 has pretty terrific bass. It's pretty darn flat and extends pretty far. Even with mediocre amplification it stays pretty tight.
   Yea I was swapping around headphones and to some extent sold the HE-6 with the expectation I would purchase the next "new" pair of headphones from hifiman. The HE1000's price makes it seem pretty silly. Also, I wasn't super floored by the Edition X. Just to throw mud, I wasn't really happy with the HE560 after purchasing it.  It's surprising how the HE-6 has multiple listings in the classifieds with people trying to buy a pair and it seems to take people some time to...
  So you believe that since the HE-1000 costs more it's better?   Also, has anyone compared those Audeze Vegans to Focus-A pads? Really like the Focus-A pads on my HE-500, and after years of regret for seeling my HE-6, I finally purchased a new pair. 
 .... Because I could buy an X7 without a module and a module at the same time? Otherwise I would end up with a module I don't want sitting in a drawer. I'm sure many owners of the Fiio X7 who have purchased additional amp modules will end up with one that will just sit in a drawer. 
  What if I purchase a used amp module here on head-fi?
  I think you make an assumption that a "newer" headphone will always be better. Over the course of many years on head-fi and seeing the "newer" headphone hyped up as "a complete and total upgrade" or even "this new headphone completely destroys the old one" (yes people use the word 'destroy' regularly) I would say there's a limited number of great headphones that stand the test of time. HE-6 is definitely in that category for me.     Owned the Soloist and Soloist SL. At...
 Adorama still also has the Audeze LCD-2 for $699 as well. Seems to be the new going rate (been there for a month).  Very solid price. Plus with the reliability issues with Audeze, I would only buy them new. 
  But what if a bunch of people come over for a party? You won't have enough headphones for all of them!  Hansotek has them covered! 
Tbh if you're dropping that much money on gear you shouldn't be asking that kind of question on a forum. You should be finding local people and going to local meets. Without learning a lot about audio quality, and dropping that much money, you're bound to be ripped off. 
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