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 If your amplifier comes in a really cool looking case, you can bet a good portion of the asking price is going towards that amplifier. Would you rather have a $400 amplifier in a $400 case, or a $800 amplifier? Woo audio seems to be the best example of it. 
 I think the outlet only carries a 90 day warranty, which is only 60 days passed most return deadlines, so not a huge risk. Also, I've read a few cases where AKG and Beyerdynamic held a new warranty for Amazon warehouse deals.On the old thread, I went through a bit of trouble to find sources and type it all up, but a mod deleted it and I'm not going to hunt it down again. But I know there are posts where people had some luck. 
darinf posted some pictures a bit back which showed how schiit does it. Anyone know what the new pads are made of? I purchased the Vali on day one and it does ring quite a bit. I'd like to help it in any way possible.   
    Looks like they hired the same guys from Coconut audio!
 I'd guess that means the later production 65th anniversary, since the early productions sounded quite different. If that's the case they're pretty much K712, which means they're a great price @ $200. I found the K712 to sound very similar to the HD600's tonality, but be more technically proficient. 
 Maybe because people are scared of big things? I don't have any first hand experience, but I've heard it can be intimidating.  I think HDtracks sometimes runs promos up to 20% or 25%. So if you're not in a rush, you could wait? 
   Why the large font?  HDtrack's didn't do anything last year, IIRC, but some headphone sellers (e.g. mrspeakers senn) have included a nominal amount as a promotion during black friday. 
  I think you mean sennheiser "took a break from price fixing" to almost match beyerdynamic and AKG's normal prices    sorry I had to, it was a perfect set up..... 
 Well, LLF says they're only worth $300, so maybe it would be a fair match  But in all seriousness, people are very biased towards expensive gear. "Why else should it cost so much?". I don't regret picking a pair of HE-500s over HD800s for personal listening.     In a somewhat deal related note. I think it's rare to see a 4TB hard drive for under $100, but it's definitely doable here, with no...
 I've never ran into issues w/ Amazon returns. I think you have to pay return shipping if you decide you don't like them. 
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