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 Whoah, that's a long cable for IEMs!   I was just thinking about posting in this thread yesterday. It seems all the custom IEM threads get a lot of posts and attention, except the UERM. Wonder why?
  Let's try this way  Track 1: Duality - Slipknot  Track 2: The End of the Line - Metallica Track 3: Seeds of Gold - Closure in Moscow Track 4: World Painted in Blood - Slayer  Here's what I got for DR DR4       -0.29 dB    -6.12 dB      4:13 ?-DualityDR4        0.00 dB    -5.18 dB      7:52 ?-End of...
 Youtube links are the fast/dirty way to do it, but that degrades the sound quality a touch.  If it's not copyrighted material you can post it to a file hosting website like dropbox. Or, you can post a link to the CD on amazon with really specific details and we can each hunt out our own version to listen to.
@skerry2006aj   Can you post links to some sample material that you find is clipping. If the problem is the recording, it would be an easy way for everyone to help you out.  
  This. If every DAC and amplifier you have makes the song sound crappy, and the Hugo makes them sound great, my attention is why it sounds good on the Hugo. Improving the DAC and amp quality won't suddenly change the sound, only give small tiny improvements. Hearing something sound drastically better on the Hugo means there's something odd going on there.
 Are you using an EQ, gain, or bass boost anywhere in there? There are a couple causes of clipping, or things that sound like clipping, and it may be hard to isolate. If you're clipping at low volumes, I'd really suspect something along the lines of EQ or a gain somewhere causing it. Either that or you're driving those things too hard. The Ultrasone DJ isn't a great headphone to drive to higher volumes.
 I know you were fretting over that. Good to hear you got the newer unit . Kingwa tends to send out new revisions units before he actually announces the updates. It's a pretty nice policy and very few other companies do that (especially in the headphone realm).
 If your music is loud to begin with and your are clipping, there's a good chance you are already playing the music too loud. You should really get a SPL and make sure you aren't damaging your hearing, long term.  What earphones/headphones is it clipping on?
 Massdrop was running a promo for $700 for them. They're the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors. My upper limit on earphones is around $500, but since they offer what almost no other headphone can, I decided to jump! Of course this was back before Massdrop could be mentioned on head-fi. It will definitely be interesting to see how Fiio updates the X5, and how it is reflective of the current feedback.  I realized when I listen to the X5, I really don't click and browse a...
  Yea! hifimanrookie. WAIT. If you say his name three times he come back NO ONE SAY IT.  On another note, I'd be interested in hearing your impressions of the H10 and 339. I had my eye on the H10 for awhile, but I was a bit disappointed in the Gustard U12.
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