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 Hah! There's actually one in a few weeks up in LA. If you're looking to carpool there's always a few people that come up from SD.
 Well no need to apologize  Just a tip on CIEM, you can often get a hefty discount and a free audiologist impression if you go to a head-fi meet and order. 
 I think you can go here to play around with a cute little website:
  I did own all those at the same time too. I sold off the rest because the Q701 were the only ones that got head time 
 I think that any higher end will really show the strength of the X5. Have you styled the CIEM yet?
 Curing upgradeitits? Seems like you're neck deep in it!  Really though, congrats. I'm sure that will be a sweet listening experience. 
 I agree with this, especially as you get into higher end headphones and higher end DACs.I hate to admit it, but I tried to replace my Audio-GD reference 1 with a Schiit Gungnir. With the HE-500 there was such a difference in the microdetailing, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 
   Did someone say banana stand?
 I'm surprised Dr. Fang even tried another all wood cup. Nearly every HE-5 cup split at some point. It was one of the many issues the HE-5 had.
 I believe this question came up at some point and some formidable person responded. I forget the exact reasoning, but the conclusion was that most ortho drivers are matched using their actual sound performance, not resistance across the driver. Matching ortho drivers by resistance only would result in channel imbalance. 
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