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 I've always liked the E12A's stacking kit. Seems orderly. Also the Leckerton units get stellar reviews with UERM. But after @Koolpep's comments I was actually just reading up on Cayin units. 
 I've got a gen1 right now, and I'm actually really happy with this unit. I was planning on adding an amp, just wanted to make sure I shouldn't change paths!   
 Looks free for me 
 Interesting. In that case would you say it's better to get the X5ii or use the X5 with a dedicated portable amp?
 I'm on the right coast and my complimentary unit hasn't shown up! 
  Seems like an easy choice to me   Kingwa was pretty quiet for a few months. Looks like he has been quite a busy gentleman behind the scenes with all these new units! 
 I'd be interested to see what Keith says about longevity. I believe the DC-1 always "stays on" to some extent when you leave it in stand-by mode, and the only way to turn it off is by turning the physical power switch in the back. 
 Can't wait to hear your impressions! 
 I'm not worried that @KG Jag won't get his money back. It's just disappointing someone in the audio community is doing this. We're usually a pretty honest bunch but seems in the last year or so some scoundrels have sneaked into the ranks. 
 Yea, it was kind of a joke. Since, you know there's a link there.  Ouch, seems that this is maybe a new trend? Or maybe the same dishonest person doing it over and over.
New Posts  All Forums: