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 Holy crap! This grabbed my curiousity and sure enough people have done this with the legendary iriver H320 and H120 players!    I don't think I've read anything. Theoretically it supports up to 2tb microsd cards, but then there's all the compatibility stuff. Maybe @Joe Bloggs can comment.
 Definitely. Someone should send Tyll a link to this innerfidelity site.   
 So they added a removable cable and jacked the price $200?  Amazing how in many other tech industries new products are released that build on the previous model and keep the same price point.
   Uhhh.... what happened to your cable mate?
 Bummer. I think I'll make the leap into some Focus-A pads. Recently got a new amp, and I'd like a little more off the treble (yup, I can't believe it either).    Are we talking about the Beyer T1?  I can only think of a few headphones I would say are more colored than the T1 that cost more than $200. Hell, I think most ultrasones would sounds more neutral than that headphone.
I was thinking about picking up the brainwavz hybrid pads instead of the hifiman focus or focus-a. Has anyone found a comparison?
Philips X2/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones:   These headphones are in very good condition overall. I've owned them a little less than 2 months     Included: X2 headphones Original Cable 1/4" Adapter Mic clip Original Box     Payment:  Paypal is preferred. Price includes paypal fees and shipping costs with USPS priority service. Shipping to CONUS only for now.    Trades: Not looking for trades on this item.              UPDATE: Got a question about these headphones...
 Wow, those are incredibly expensive cables.
I don't think amps have much to do with it. T1 just isn't a very balanced or fast headphone. 
 Yea the T1 is one of the most incredibly bright headphones I've ever heard, outside the realm of Grados. Doesn't matter which amp, the design is fatally flawed and there will always be a ton of treble ringing because it is pretty much a closed headphone.
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