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 unfortunately, pads are starting to cost a really silly amount for what goes into them.  You could sell them and buy a new unit. As mentioned the K612 is going for around $150 now, which is a pretty good price. Also you could get a Q701 for about $180 new, or sometimes amazon has "open box" returns which usually are in very good condition. Sometimes people get brand new headphones with a damaged box. Those usually run in the $130-$150 range. 
The k712 and k702 anniversary currently use the same pads. The older k702 anniversary used different pads, but those have been discontinued.You could make your own headband if you're handy. There are some pics in the q701 thread. I'm mobile atm.How bad is the unit? Q701s are pretty cheap and could be a good cheap replacement with a bit of a sound upgrade.
 Hey Keith just wanted to say thanks for stopping in and clarifying things.    Been loving mine. I use my DC-1 on my daily computer rig and put a good 8 hours a day on it. It's such a simple device with so many good features in it. For example, I've got the XLR out running to my Airmotiv 4s which I always struggled to find a way to get volume control for.  Also still have my A-100 hooked up to my main rig 
 I did in fact see your listing . Also saw it listed on the bay, along with some very good looking cables. The price is indeed a very competitive and very tempting. I'm torn waiting for the Mjolnir 2, in hopes that it might have a SE output and/or other improvements. Having SE and balanced on a single unit is pretty convenient.
  I think this is a fair statement, and one of the reasons I haven't written off the A28 or A18. Another addendum to the Schiit popularity is that at any meet there's always every Schiit product there. So for me, I know first hand the Mjolnir and my headphones, but with the Yulong I'd be reaching out. At meets a few people I know have purchased Schiit products after being able to hear them at the meet, and then brought them to the next meet. I've only seen Yulong products...
 I didn't intend to incite a schiit-storm . I'm sure I can find a handful of reputable comments that were sources to that.   I would say with the Dark Star it's got a double whammy for a high price tag and a damn good looking design. I don't even have a good adjective to describe that. It's not "sexy". It's more like a bulky powerful looking amplifier. Is there a thread for "best visually appealing amplifier designs" like there is for headphone designs?
 I've been hopping between the A28, A18, and Mjolnir for a higher end amp, but I unfortunately have to agree I don't see a lot of positives about the A28 or A18 overall. Also seems people have the A18 and A28 for only a few weeks and then start reselling them.  You've got one on order?  You're one of those names I stop at while scrolling through the forums. I think you've got good ears and candid comments. I'll be eagerly awaiting your thoughts. 
 Actually from those who have heard it the Dark Star is supposed to be a $200 amplifier sitting in a $1000 case selling for $3.5k. From those people whose opinion I trust, the amplifier is pretty bad for any headphone, let alone a demanding headphone like the HE-6.  Don't let price tags fool you 
 Mjolnir and Audezes are indeed a super sweet pairing. I was tempted to sell my HE-500 in lieu of some Audeze with that Schiit, but I think Audeze's are overpriced for their performance. Hifiman and Mjolnir is unfortunately not such a sweet pairing. I think you can use a SE DAC with the Mjolnir?  Yup, definitely this. Spent a lot of time playing with higher end amplifiers and found the emotiva easily beats "headphone" amplifiers. Save your $$$ and drop it on something else.
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