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 These are definitely the kind of impressions that I wait for. Not so much hype and all praise, and really good gritty details. Thanks very much for those. 
 That's super tough. I don't know if you are in the U.S. but in California it is really hard to audition headphones. Luckily Best Buy started to carry some nicer headphones.  If you happen to be located near a larger city, you might have a big head-fi meet-up you can attend.
  So you mostly liked them! AKGs usually divide people a bit over the bass. Some people say its good, others say it's totally thin and lacking.Funnily enough, many people also complain about getting a good seal. There's always some people debating where one says there's not enough bass, and the other says it didn't have enough bass because you didn't get the seal right   I owned the K550 and K551 for awhile and auditioned the K545. I found the K550 to be less comfortable,...
  Why were you surprised by those? Why did/didn't they have that makes you search for more AKG headphones?
  yea, its seems to be stuck there!  Maybe it'll jump up soon. I'll probably get a pair of LCD-X, EL-8 (just announced), HE560, or HE1000. I'll have to follow your lead and see what you end up with 
 Certainly on my watch list . Seems like these SA5000 are getting harder to come by. I've been asked about 4 times in the last 6 months to sell mine 
 I wouldn't spend $30k on speakers . If $800 sounds better, why not buy those? Once you're in that range, you're paying for the psychological effect more than actual performance. But then again, if cables make such a large difference, maybe there's more to gain at that level. Only takes a moment to look at my trader feedback and see those listed. I started using my profile as a way to track the gear I've owned since it's pretty convenient.
 Of course not! It takes a $200 cable to attain enough audiophile snobbery to condescend the $300 peasants! 
 haha, yea I think you caught my drift. I stopped playing into those expensive cables awhile back. Blind testing changed my mind a lot. Even if I was sure I heard a huge difference, blind testing made it clear the difference was very subtle.   Off topic, since we're both hifiman fans, what amps are you running lately? I can't seem to find a good (would like balanced) amp to run them on. I keep my eyes open, but can't find anything I really enjoy them with. Have you jumped...
 Yea for some reason that's the only thing that stood out to me.  Look almost like lightning connectors. Was kinda disappointed to see a proprietary system like that.   
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