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 Do you have any references to the driver revision? I can't seem to find anything that suggests there was a change. 
What was.included in the v2 change? Wasn't it mostly just a change in pads?You'd think after the he1000 and edition 6 faux paux hifiman would learn.
  Here's the referenced part.  I know hifiman is getting hung out to dry here, but really this isn't just hifiman. It's industry wide.
  I think this is the exact point that a lot of people don't understand. These headphones aren't going up in price due to cost of materials, manufacturing, or R&D. They're going up in price because they can. 
That's very odd and i would question whether or not the ak100ii is actually balanced then.In my tiny bit of experience it seems the edition x doesn't benefit as much in balanced mode as the previous hifiman headphones (he6, he500, etc.).Anyone find any good amp pairings for this headphone? I was thinking about addidng in the Cavalli carbon until i found out its not a truly balanced amo. Yikes!
If you have a balanced amplifier you will get significantly more power out of the balanced output. The single ended output will be limited in power, and typically will not sound as good.   Balanced in headphone audio means something different than general audio. It's not about reducing interference on long runs.
In case anyone has missed it, apparently $6000 is where the community decided they've had enough with the price inflation. Manufacturers beware?
On that same note, is there still a way to upgrade from a V1 set to a V2?
  Interesting impressions. I've had the Edition X for a bit now and I wish I had my HD800 on hand to compare.   Also interesting notes on the Audeze line. I really liked the the LCD-X, and really wanted to like it. Unfortunately there was something just odd about the tonality I couldn't get over. Also it's got that fantastic Audeze comfort /s. I think Tyll was onto something with his LCD-4 review when he discussed all Audeze's having a weird treble issue/incoherence, and...
  While I don't disagree with you, I think you're on my same thought trail.  Sure, you can grab those earphones to go, but realistically, how often are you using them as a portable vs home? How often are you using them in a portable setting where you're really paying attention to sound quality? How often are you using them at home and paying attention to sound quality. I guess my point is if you're using those earphones in an at home environment more often then not, you...
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