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 I actually think the HE-500 sounds great with the Vali. The Vali provides a bit of warmth with the HE-500, and honestly the Vali is a very very impressive amplifier. It doesn't have the power and speed of the Emotiva, which means sloppier bass, but a very rich organic sound. I just love the Vali in general. Great amplifier, unbeatable price. 
Isn't there a thread for the Code-X?
 A very valid point. Since I really started this hobby up (2006 or so) there has really been an burst of competition in the "mid-fi" area, which is really of benefit to everyone in the hobby. I think that up to $1000 or so in a DAC will get you incredible performance. There's such a small difference after that, you'd never really know how much more you're getting unless you had them both side by side.    Without getting too far off topic, my "deal" advice for DACs: The...
 My Audio-GD reference 1 (from 2009) is still better than just about any other DAC I've compared it to. I had a long test against the Schiit Gungnir and it had far more nuances and detail than that DAC.  DAC technology is changing, but not at the rate of computer hardware technology.
Do westone cables fit the I thought the pins were a bit too big for the triple fis. 
 I had a pair of HD600 at the same time as my Q701, K702 65 anniversary and K712. IMO the K712's sound signature is about spot on with the HD600. The K712 was overall superior, providing a better soundstage, imaging and detail retrieval.   Fwiw, I think the Q701 is superior to the K712, and by extension the HD650. If you give them enough power they really pull out the details and space of a recording. 
 Unfortunately, if you look at higher end headphones, you'll end up compromising in some way.  Yoiu could get the LCD-2, which will really have incredible bass, and sound fantastic. But the LCD-2 sounds pretty closed in. You could get the HD800 which has a great soundstage and detail, but it has hotter treble than the Q701, and much less bass.
Cool thanks, Will give it a try!
Lately my UE6000 have gotten pretty squeaky on the pivot point on the cups. Anyone else having this issue?
 Yea the Sennheiser mark ups are insane. 
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