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   Great idea!  But I kinda like keeping the front protected too. 
Wow, so anyway after owning my X5 for almost a year I've just really appreciated the case! I have always always had the silicone case on it, and I pulled it off because a charger I had on hand didn't fit the port.    Wow that brushed aluminum really looks sleek!!!!
    I have both on hand with me and I agree with IYAshike on a lot of points.  1. I think the HD800 need a good amp in my experience with them because I really want to crank them up. I think they're bright, but they aren't as bright or irritating at high levels as the HD700. 2. The HD800 seem to impress me over a longer period of time, not quite the "wow" factor up front (although, I've owned them before and a lot of headphones, so very few things "wow" me anymore). I find...
 I owned the DacMagic for awhile. I thought it sounded good, but not really anywhere near the price it was going. It just wasn't as resolving and clean as other DACs in its price range.    USB is limited by the USB chip in it. Many could only go up to 96kHz. Newer ones go 192kHz or even more. Really if you get into sound science 96 should be enough.
 Emotiva now has a rep on board here. Let's see if this works..... @KeithEmo ?
 For a lot of people it's definitely fine. For me, not really an issue unless I had the LCD2 on for like 6 hours.  But off the top of my head I recall some people who specifically were concerned about weight due to their neck straining easily or preexisting medical conditions that find planars (especially LCD-2) pretty much unusable for more than 10 minutes.
 Hey there!  I'm a bit of an Audio-GD fanboy, but I really think Kingwa makes good quality stuff. The NFB units you mention are both really great, and they will give enough power to just about any headphone around. The LCD-2 vs HE-500 is a tough one. I would say the HE-500 sounds a bit "lighter" than the HD650 and the LCD-2 a bit "darker". It's like the HD650 is right between the two. The LCD-2 imo has a bit of a recessed treble, and the HE-500 a bit less recessed, but I...
    Spent about 40 hours working on my thesis in the last few days. My fiio and these guys are keeping me company
 Yea unfortunately the "all in one" units do save some money at a price. If you upgrade your DAC/AMP you kind of have unused money sitting there. The NFB-28 is such a good value proposition on its own though.
  Definitely agree with you. We headphone enthusiasts seem to be in a bit of a bubble in the audio world, thinking companies that cater to the "headphone market" are the only ones around, but in reality the "headphone market" is a tiny dabble in the larger "audio market". Lots of good audio quality out there once you look outside the "bubble".   Also agree with you. There's always been an "audio trend" in terms of delivery and format. In a short time that I've been in...
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