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 They are really powerful units from Audio-GD. Also it's nice to have all the preamp, multiple inputs/outputs, and a remote. Good stuff there.
 I think they were mentioned in the NFB-28 page. The NFB-1 looks like an upgrade from the NFB-6, which was a good all around unit. Hopefully someone will have some impressions soon.
 I think a pretty common misconception is that more expensive flagships will sound better in all ways over their mid-tier counterparts. Many hi-fi headphones also have pretty big compromises, so it's not always a 100% upgrade across the board. As for tonal balance. I would say tonal balance is the most important aspect to an accurate headphone. That has come after many years of experience.
 I'm pretty darn organized into folders as well. My old iRiver H320 and H120 have left their mark on me for sure.
  I don't think any headphone should be judged by their MSRP. We can talk value though. I think the Ultrasones are worth about $400 and the HE-6 are easily worth $1200. The edition 8 is often thought of as great because of it's asking price, and amazing look.But I don't think it sounds a whole lot better than ultrasones $200 headphones. 
 Yes, Runeight is actually Alex's head-fi user name. It's somewhat humorous because if you've been on head-fi long enough you know people's real names as well as head-fi names.   Total bummer on the amp. With so many of these being purchased you're sure to find plenty in the used market and I'm sure Cavalli Audio will also be selling some. Might even be safer since the rest of us are all guinea pigs. 
 I don't know who that Alex Cavalli guy is, but sounds like @runeight is about to go have a stern conversation with him. Hope he doesn't get in too much trouble! 
 Good prices on the HE-6 and HD600. Almost humorous the Edition 8 from Ultrasone is sitting a bit more expensive than the HE-6
  Fiio made it seem like a big deal to use their original, but I've got a ton of microusb cables and can't think of any issues using a different one.  Ouch! Aside from those possibilities it sounds like the microusb port isn't working  bummer
with my pairs the hd700 is definitely brighter than the hd800... going from the hd700 to the hd800 almost makes the hd800 seem... neutral
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