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    Forgot to also add, I think the DC-1's USB input is quite excellent. Some DACs have really subpar USB implementation, and others have so many issues with drivers, clicking and popping they're pretty much useless. I use the USB on the DC-1 quite a bit, and I've had no issues with it, so I've almost forgotten how many issues that actually do show up.  Once you get it all hooked up with the Optical (toslink) you may want to jump back and forth and compare them, you know...
   Yup, exactly this. I run a Coax cable from my Asus Xonar ST that I can easily switch to when I'm gaming. Allows me to use the dolby headphone which I enjoy for games. 
 I found them to have grain especially in the lower mids. These would have been a stellar headphone if they were clean and crisp in the mids. 
 Brought 2 pairs of Anniversary's to a meet and compared the later ones with the K712. Same pads. The early anniversary pads are softer and more memory foam like.  Seems like a bit of an immaterial discussion, as the early pads were pretty quickly phased out and most AE have newer pads. 
 I had a NFB-10SE I purchased after owning my Reference 1. I was hoping for a side rig to go with my computers and really at that price point, it's a great bargain. IMO, comparing straight DAC to DAC my Ref1 was definitely better. "Worth it" is kind of hard to quantify though.
 Sorry I'm not sure what you're asking here. 
 The later version is more like the K712, so I'd compare to that for price.  My up 1000 serial number is the older pads, my 2000+ number is the newer ones. I'd guess you'll get the newer pads if you buy new. 
    Congrats on a successful mod! Any comments on the K702 w/ Mjolnir? I've been hunting for a balanced amp for a year now, and I've always been tempted by that beast, but worried about that treble. 
  Interesting comments regarding the E12. I do think the X5's headphone out is actually quite pleasant, maybe a bit easy on the treble reducing the details. I'm currently running X5 --> iBasso PB-1 --> Mad Dogs (balanced). It's a really good set up for portable use. Really digging my X5. Really 0 issues except maybe one freeze so far. 
  The Fiio product will take that signal and turn it into a super low quality sounding one. It needs to take those 6 channels and turn them into 2. In the process you are lowering the sound quality of the signal. You're lowering the sound quality in this process, and the whole purpose of the DTS and Dolby streams.   You're right, the Modi isn't a product to hook up in place of some large receiver that does the latest DTS or Dolby, or 7.1 over HDMI. There's always been a...
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