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Since we're on the topic of cables....     I've got a pair of UERM's I'd love to hook up to the Carbon when it (eventually) shows up. What's the best way? I've got a cable terminated in a 3.5mm TRS that I can use as a base. I was thinking of using like a 4 pin mini xlr with an adapter to a TRS and XLR, but then it gets to bit a bit bulky with 2 mini XLR connected.
 The later production are probably closer to neutral, but with a slightly recessed midrange. The early have slightly more midrange than neutral
 Hey there!  The only difference is the earpads. The early production pads were a bit flatter which gives more midrange. The later production match the K712 style pads which emphasize the bass.
 Hi!  Is there a problem with your sound card? Why don't you think it doesn't have enough power? What don't you like about the sound?  I'm super familiar with the K701/K702/Q701/K7xx/K712 line so I can probably help you out with some amps.
Indeed. Very rare. I've read a few issues with usb, but it might have been a user issue as well.I'm fairly sure all units get burned in and tested for a long time before they get shipped out.
No need to apologize, a pretty basic question that gets asked a lot due to a confusing situation.Every headphone can be balanced, its just a matter of how difficult it is. To use those balanced, you'll need to get a balaned cable and balanced amplifier. There are a good number of balanced amplifiers out there, but thats another chunk of change
  Definitely this. If you think 25% would be below their invoice, you'd be shocked at the profit margins on this stuff. What's keeping them from selling at lower price points is agreements not to sell it at a lower price. 
 Cool! Measuring is a really interesting aspect of the hobby and it has tons of nuances to it. It almost becomes an art. I'm really interested to follow your progression on measurements (that is, if you're in it for the long run )
  Good Stuff! I like the LED changing colors. I don't think any amps have LEDs that change based on input/gain
 Oh, you're talking about purchasing a cable purely for SQ improvements. I was saying if you were purchasing a new cable for comfort, balancing, etc. Sometimes, stock cables are really annoying. The HD700 kinks a lot. But nothing matches the HE500 cable *shudders*
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