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 Not necessarily just lately. It's been how things have gone for a long time. Every new product has the potential for a hype train, which is understandable as people are excited. A few people try to give a warning to "wait it out" so to speak, but it's often drowned by all the hype. 
 I think it's not necessarily audiophiles that are prone to this. It transcends many other material goods that people look into.  With that said, there has been plenty of criticisms of the T1 since day 1. If you enjoy them, great! Read no further. But many people in subjective listening found plenty of problems. I had 2 pairs and certainly wasn't super happy with them. They were okay, but for the MSRP, or even street price? Meeehhh. Objectively, the T1 measures very poorly...
 I've got a DC-1 and I'm pretty darn happy with it. Surprisingly good value for having so much in it. It's also a very good sounding DAC. Someone placed it on par with the Gungnir, one other person said it was right there, give and take a bit. Also, it can act as a preamp (digital relay controlled, with lots of steps), headamp, and it's got a remote.   Here's the HF thread:    Bias warning: I'm a fan of emo. I was...
 This is unfortunately many times the case. "New toy syndrome" mixes with "hype train" and people think it's the next top of the line in a price bracket. Many times newer members think that "new" will be better. That's why it's always best (IMO) to wait out the hype train and see how people feel, or even better, try to get an audition once the production comes out.
 I'm sure Alex was a little more stressed trying to figure out what was happening to his poor server! 
 I don't think the orders started at 000. One of the first orders was in the 400 range.
I'm order number 412, just placed. So there's only been a few units ordered. I think the page wasn't ready for the head-fi effect.
 Lol, that's not very nice
 I don't have any built, but I've got similar adapters. Just imagine this, but with the female 3.5mm instead of the 3 pin XLRs (red and yellow)  
  Looks like the cable is a dual 3.5mm TRS termination? Sorry, I'm not super familiar with that headphone, so you'll have to confirm. It would be relatively easy to make a dual 3.5mm (female) adapter to 4 pin xlr, or RSA. Total cost for parts would be something like $20. 
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