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 Sorry for the warren/elwapp party here...  But I think this advice is especially true for everyone who is purchasing balanced gear. I have a friend who lives close by who is really good with a soldering iron. For some headphones a $5 XLR connector is all you need to get the headphones balanced. It can save you quite a bit in the long run. Not to mention the many times I've ran to him with a headphones that was losing a channel. A quick multimeter check and solder, 5...
 Forgot headroom did those!  Don't know if they plan on restocking anytime. Price is still a bit steep considering the cost of parts  Here's another option. It's a bit spartan, but price seems pretty decent:http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-SENNHEISER-HEADPHONE-CABLE-HD600-HD650-MOGAMI-CARDAS-NEUTRIK-1-4-or-BALANCED-/171649354489?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27f7194af9 
 Also, those "Sennheiser" brand ones are literally the stock cable with a $8 connector on them. If you know anyone with any sort of soldering skill I would buy a stock cable for $20 or whatever it runs and $5 on the XLR connector.
 Lowest I've seen. Also the 64gb Samsung MicroSD is at $19.57 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IVPU7AO  Fill up your DAPs! 
 Unfortunately I really don't want to comment super specifically as that would really require me to have the T90 and HD650 on hand. I've only briefly heard the T90 and owned the HD650 a long time ago. I'm sure someone can at least chime in on the HD650
 Heyoo Prepro! Long time no see!   I've got the HD800s and HD700s both. The HD700 are (IMO) quite notably hotter than the HD800, so if you're using that as a treble reference, that may not be a good one. I would put the HD700 somewhere between the HD800 and T1 in terms of treble energy. Quite a bit more, but not as bright as the T1.
 I think it was just "August" without much info on early/late, as a goal. There's a lot of parts to coordinate before assembly even begins, and Cavalli Audio may decide to wait until all units are assembled before shipment.  Since we haven't had too many updates, I'd assume we're looking later in the month (Although if I could get it in mid-August for personal coordination reasons I'd be thrilled. Otherwise I'll have to read everyone's "OMG SO GOOD" impressions until late...
 Awesome! You really can't go wrong with the M-Stage. If you decide later to try out other headphones, you won't really have to worry about an amplifier. Also it plays well with earphones!  Hope when you eventually get settled in with it, you report back! 
 It's kind of sad, but at the same time it is part of the audio world. The prices wouldn't be holding there if people weren't buying it. The Sennheiser HD700 wasn't selling and the prices dropped by 60% over a few years. I guess someone's buying them   Either way, very admirable of Fiio. Even headphone manufacturers seem to be on the train where they improve a product, slap on a new model number and increase the cost 50%. 
  $700 pre-tax. Yes they are fantastic. I love my pair.
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