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Just got my X5 a few days and I've been trying to figure out all it has to offer.    The only thing I can't figure out is how to play by artist. For example, if I go:   Joni MItchell--> _____________________   Blue For the Roses    ____________________   Would there be a way to select multiple albums, or a play all? 
 Just got mine in as well! Really liking this unit so far, and haven't ran into any issues aside from this.  Really would like to see this format supported. 
 Ouch that's annoying. The old iRiver H320 and H120 had a weird glitch kind of like that. Also, "shuffle" wouldn't be a real "shuffle". If would basically create a shuffled playlist of all the music and then play the playlist in order. So each time you shuffled all the music, you'd get the same order of songs. Pretty strange glitch that took them years to fix. 
  What's wrong with shuffle on the ak100?
 I don't have my X5 yet, but I think I can help 1) .WAV files are as good as it gets for audio, especially when taken directly from the CD. That will get you "redbook" which is 16bit 44.1khz. The only way to get better than this is to download high resolution sound which can go up to 24bit 192khz. Some people debate whether or not that makes a difference in SQ.  I would suggest looking into "exact audio copy" (EAC). This will allow you to pull accurate files from the disc....
 And quoting it without editing any sites not allowed has the same problem. Please edit your post to remove the site. 
  Cool!  Do you have an early production or late production K702 anniversary?
  iriver has certainly been around for a long time. I'm surprised they didn't dip under in the 2009-2012 time frame. Does anyone know if they've had any major shifts in management culture or support in the U.S.A. centers? I owned a lot of irivers (H120(x2), H140, H320(x4), H340, H10) and was a huge fan of those music players. Unfortunately, I had a really bad support experience with them trying to resolve an issue. The person I dealt with was super rude and in the end they...
 Welp, looks like I'm joining the club   (The X5 club, not the father's day club.... nope nope nope nope I enjoy sleeping). Called around and was able to get a discount on one. Wasn't a huge discount, but the way the prices run on these, I'm happy with any.
  That's a lot of DSD!
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