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 It is headphonia, so take anything said with a grain of salt....or more realistically     It's interesting you went from the LCD-3 to GS1000 to Edition X. It's like you went Dark --> Light --> Somewhere in the middle
  FYI, your promo code is unique to you and can only be used once.
 I don't think there is any stats. Could just be a bias based on people who have the issue talking about it a lot.  Either way, I wouldn't get a pair of Audezes without a warranty.... I've seen some pictures of the drivers disassembled. 
I was on the verge of purchasing a Carbon when I stumbled upon that. Yikes.Has anyone pointed it out in the carbon thread?
 I totally agree. Head-fi's threads are filled up with too many people posting comments that are hard to sift through.  Though, I don't think there needs to be a specific function. I think self restraint from members for the following would keep things simple. 1. Comments or recommendations on headphones on headphones/equipment that haven't been heard2. Speculation3. Hype4. Any comment that doesn't contribute to a meaningful conversation.5. Posting the same comment/hype...
I agree the hex probably don't want a speaker amp. The difference in impedance usually means tberes actually a lot less power when the speaker sees the load from a headphone. I think something like the emotiva a100 has the same output as the schiit rag. Also i think speaker amps are in general a better price performance ratio.Audeze does have good service, most of the time []Howevet, i still dont know if...
 IMO, I'd pretty easily take the Edition X over any Audeze I've heard. I'm surprised they've kept their prices so high.
 There's tons of info in the HE-6 thread and the Emotiva A100 thread
  Check out this thread:  I was the first to hook up the a100 to headphones. Emotiva adding a headphone jack to the front is definitely head-fi inspired. 
That sibilance is the main reason i did not like the he560. I returned a unit about a year ago as a result and people were shocked. I actually liked the he500 as a result.None of that with the hex. I'm kinda warming up to mine.
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