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 I agree with this, especially as you get into higher end headphones and higher end DACs.I hate to admit it, but I tried to replace my Audio-GD reference 1 with a Schiit Gungnir. With the HE-500 there was such a difference in the microdetailing, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 
   Did someone say banana stand?
 I'm surprised Dr. Fang even tried another all wood cup. Nearly every HE-5 cup split at some point. It was one of the many issues the HE-5 had.
 I believe this question came up at some point and some formidable person responded. I forget the exact reasoning, but the conclusion was that most ortho drivers are matched using their actual sound performance, not resistance across the driver. Matching ortho drivers by resistance only would result in channel imbalance. 
 As howdy mentions, definitely. I use this on my Triple-fi, and UE6000 without issue. Even my AKG Q701 sounds pretty darn good from it. 
 I read similar sentiments when I was deciding on which DAP to get. Thanks for typing all that information out!  When I owned the older IRiver H120/H320, there were similar issues with firmware. Sad to see they still haven't got their act together. Also, I had one of my worst experiences with customer support dealing with Iriver. Swore I'd never give them any more money.
 They bear a striking resemblance to the Rokits. Glad to hear they're comfy!   Whew! Glad to hear it's just the cable! I bought one from this guy:  He's also a member here on head-fi. The cable is really well built. Lots of details in the cable to ensure it doesn't fall apart later. The kind of details you won't find from most cable manufacturer's...
 For some reason they look extra comfy. Wonder if they're better than my Denon d7000 pads for HE-500!?!?! Also, are those Rokits?
 Hi Boogirl!  Welcome to head-fi!   I actually own both of these amplifiers sitting side by side, and my Q701 are on my head right now! Based on your post, looks like you've done a lot of reading about these amplifiers. Here's how I would compare them. Schiit Vali: Better sounding tonality, far better texture (if that makes sense), and a more "natural" sound. It's truly a stellar amplifier, and I was shocked when I first had it warmed up. The Schiit Vali's bass is also a...
   I've never purchased that cable, but definitely S SandDigital makes a really good point. It's easy for new people involved in audio to get caught up in cables and things like that. Don't end up spending the same amount of money on a cable that you did on a headphone.  Also, if you open up the AKG K501, K601, K612, K701, K702, Q701, or K712 you would understand how silly it is to buy an "upgraded" cable. 
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