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  Well without necessarily continuing this, since it turned into an argument and less of a discussion, I'll point out I was trying to explain why the T1s were not very popular, especially when compared to the rest of the "flagship" headphones. If you enjoy the sound and think they're amazing, that's all that matters.
   Don't worry, head-fiers are known for their exceptional patience and willingness to wait!     
   Hey, just happened to stumble on this thread. That BH photo cable is for the HD212, so maybe a HD212 cable will work?
 Oops! Sorry realized I sent you the wrong link which was 0 help to your question. That one was for Apple computers. In this one "wizardofoz" says he got it working with the camera adapter kit on an ipad.
 Sorry, not an apple user, but Emotiva is a big company with a huge following so they have their own support forums. Here's a link that might help. If not you can poke around and maybe find an answer?
 Probably not. HE-6 really need an amplifier in a different league to get the juices out.
 Looks like the earliest order number is #400, so it looks like it's just an overall tracking system Cavalli has in place for orders. 
 jexby here says he's #400. EDIT: and yzhengyu says their newly placed order is #547
 Are we sure that's the most up to date? Can someone place a new order and post their order # here? For... you know... science and stuff. 
 The order numbers started at 400. Breaking into the 500s means there's been at least 100 ordered. 
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