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I purchased one of these from Amazon and have had it for a few days. I had purchased the DPX1 as well, but the unit had very loose jacks.   These are very similar, but not as far as identical. Some different overlays are present.     But I a having the strangest issue on the XPD-300r. After being on for about 30 minutes of inactivity the unit will think the microSD cards are unmounted! Cards no longer showing up. Unplugging and plugging them both in fixes it, but I'm...
Its the original dpx1
Just got a dpx1 and im hoping to get some input. Ive got one of the units with wiggly sockets. I'm a bit surprised the 3.5mm jack makes a small clicking noise. But whats kind of odd is the 3.5mm jack has almost no resistance to hilding the plug in. Barely pulling on the cable pops the jack out. Anyone have this experience?
   I'm out of ideas then! Sorry to hear it's not working for you.
   Are you comparing the exact same files? Are the files on the X5 files from the CD or downloaded elsewhere?  If they are different what are the two sources of the music?
I forgot a word.Oops meant $100 less.
  Interesting price on the HD700. Brand new ones are running for $100 on ebay right now with used ones down in the $325 range
Was thinking about grabbing one of these, so I wanted to see if anyone was unloading one before I get one shipped from China.    Shipping to CONUS, payment via paypal   Thanks! 
If anyone's got an eye out for this unit the prices seemed to have dropped quite heavily. Currently brand new on ebay for $580   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cayin-iDAC-6-32Bit-384kHz-DSD128-Audio-DA-Converter-Decoder-IHA6-/252678376388?var=&hash=item3ad4ce0bc4:m:m9I_A1VNzJ4bifgmqtpZ87Q
 I think I blew it    On my side there mostly shows HD700 pics. I was taking pictures and decided to grab some of the nighthawk since I was sure I was going to sell it. I'm now on the fence.
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