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  That's pretty much what I said to preproman when I was first using the emo. I was amazed how much SQ i was getting. I think we came to a few conclusions. 1. Headphone amplifiers are more of a boutique item. Very limited supply, so vendors can charge a lot for what they make.2. Most headphones really don't need a lot of power. Hooking up a Denon D2000 to an emotiva would have a high noise floor3. Super easy to blow out drivers on a speaker amp.4. Most important, the...
  The reason behind the pricing? Sennheiser maximizing profits. They're working hard to keep those prices inflated
 I posted a very nice write up on this issue with lots of specifics that a Mod fancied deleting in a previous "deals" thread, so I'll just give a short answer: Sometimes the manufacturer will honor it. 
  I think you should look at what you're hoping to use these for. If you're looking for a higher end reference sound for music look at the Mad Dogs, or plenty of other options at a higher price.  The D600 have a few hefty issues if you want to listen to music with them. The bass has very high distortion levels and the chamber on the D600 and D7100 forces a lot of ringing inside the cups. Basically take the DT770, add ringing in the bass range and severely roll off the...
 Wow that's a total bummer, and really disappointing to hear. With a unit that has so many knobs and bells and whistles going on, I'd really be expecting a good support system to help fix any issues. 
 And make sure that cable is balanced
   Conquerator is correct. The Little Dot MK8 is designed for high impedance headphones like the DT880, HD650, etc. The MK6+ is what you should be looking at. It is designed for a low impedance headphones and delivers a lot of power those headphones. It was designed originally for the AKG K1000.
    Or schitty minds.... nvm 
 I had a NFB-10SE which is nearly identical (I believe) aside from inputs and a few small changes. I felt my NFB-10SE underpowered my HE-6 when I had them. Additionally, at the time, I found the emotiva A-100 to really bring on a new level of performance for the HE-6 that no other headphone amplifier could produce. 
currently pending payment
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