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   If there's ever an intruder I'll skip the knives and chuck the DC-1 remote at him.  It reminds me of the Audio-GD old style remotes a lot. Either way, no complaints. I think adding a remote gives a lot of functionality to the DC-1 for use as a speaker preamp! 
 I'd easily pick the Emotiva DC-1. I didn't find the Benchmark all that good of a DAC in general though.
 Yea that's pretty expensive for $10 in parts plus labor.
 That sounds incredibly disappointing and frustrating after spending so much money on these headphones. Sorry to hear that
Well ill go ahead and be the first. Interested to hear how this compares to the mjolnir 2. Mjolnit 2 starts at around $900
Yea not at all. Only thing worse would be saying it sounds like the Audeze El8
 Thornton!? I'm also a structural! But I'm juuuuuuuuust starting out. 
 Heyoooo! I'm also Civil.      I think FR only really tells a part of the measurement story. I find the CSDs are what I turn to more often than FR.
This is a stellar deal. Just remember these are customs and will take awhile.Please treat the folks at massdrop and UE, like humans. Didn't happen so much last time.
Was hoping to catch someone interested in selling one of these. I'm interested in either the older version or the newer revision just the same.   I'm traveling up and down the state quite often, so if you're in California, I could probably do a local pickup and pay cash.    Thanks! 
New Posts  All Forums: