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Forget about analogies or things will get ever more convoluted leading to enormous thread! In it's simplest form a buffer can be made from a single transistor and a few resistors & caps. [I use one as 'buffer' from a cdp to drive a pair of iems!] Do a search for 'voltage follower'. Its basic use of transistors 101. Don't bother with air tanks water etc learn about the actual thing you are interested in! Once you understand the electronics then you can have fun...
Buffers are the amps muscles.
I love IEMs , They are almost my favourite type of phone, isolation, light weight, and an intimate sound. I don't fuss over db , but keep the levels at my own volume 'sweetspot' above or below this I don't enjoy the sound as much. Recordings and music tend to have their own 'sweetspots' but these have to fall into my own. If that makes any sense! But then I am not an endurance listener , I am amazed at the hours some people listen for! I guess it depends on personal...
Why would anyone disagree with him? .
Get a spare pair. Thats what i did
Why did you choose to use those huge 10uf caps? Better to use something that fits the board in my view. Its not a good idea to get into the habit of long leads when using caps for high frequency operation. OK, in this circuit I doubt it will make any difference, but in some situations the lead length can be critical to cap performance. Anyhow glad you sorted your amp, happy listening .
Hi fellow P2P troopers Funny stumbling across this thread , as I am just to embark on a bit of P2P work for a friends project. Everything i have done has been made that way, dacs amps etc. But the biggest pain for me is drawing up the layout, as you are constantly changing things. I did a search and came up with this little app the DIY layout router: .: Storm Software - Freeware :. I have only literally started to play with it but thus far I think it could be...
Once I can get it all up and running from a trusty AA I will sorted! Yeeees!
They sound awesome dude! not at all tinny, don't believe what read about aluminium drivers! OMG the BASS OMG the BASS OMG the BASS
WOW! You guys just have have to try this!!!!!!! I just made a whole souround system that ROCKS!! OMG the BASS! OMG the BASS! OMG the BASS! Coooool..
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