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I eat lots of uncooked veg every day, no seasoning nothing.[except a some fresh chillies for a little lift] The tastes and textures are exquisite. Reasonably priced good fresh stuff is readily available in the UK, are people saying this is not the case in the USA! ?? .
Shaped like that , it's just asking to be punted. .
I have been listening to the audio files from the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change : 2008 International Conference on Climate Change * New York City * March 2-4, 2008 Very interesting.... .
Quote: Originally Posted by stevenkelby Tone controls should only affect frequency response. There is more to how a system sounds than frequency response. I would agree that designing audio systems that enable the listener to 'suspend disbelief' is a subtle blend of engineering and subjective preference, and there is more to it than crude frequency response curve, thds etc. But, gentle manipulation of the peaks and troughs of the response can...
Tone controls will do the same job. .
Well the positive element is the post does help bring to our attention the relative lack of funding this evil disease seems to get. But on the other hand that I would be err, somewhat embarrassed to have posted the rest. .
Quote: Originally Posted by jcx the Yamaha HP-2 are 150 Ohm, 93 dB/mW, 101 dB/V low sensitivity by todays standards, but high impedance these cans need Volts (high impedance), some current is needed for the high power (low sensitivity) but not amps 1 W into these cans requires ~ 17V pk @ 115 mA 1 W would give 123 dB peak SPL at amplifier clipping - probably the diaphram would bottom long before at low frequencies Exactly,makes you...
Well I have not had experience with a huge amount of phones. I am no expert but it was my understanding that planar phones were largely resistive loads. Just looking at the hp-2 spec it says max input 10w! it would be interesting to play a signal through them and ramp it up to see what sort of voltages needed to get this! Got the feeling the poor things would not be too happy with a continuous 10w input though Well out of curiosity I just hooked them up to an amp to...
Don't think you need outrageous current capability for them just make sure you have good voltage swing. My portable drives HP2's ok from a 8 cell nimh pack and around 200ma output capability from the buffs.[though it's a while since I listened or made any real drive comparisons] Personally I would not use the 634 as I am not wild about the sound of them. But if you do I would be surprised if you need to go for 4 per channel, then again it is alway nice to have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by rickcr42 IMPEDANCE CONVERTER It does not have to have a high current output to be consider a "buffer" but rather is an interface to match a certain thing to whatever it is that is connected to the output. Do a google on "voltage follower" for a boatload of content Rickmeister Hah, you beat me too it. Hope things are good with you!
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