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Good food is never boring! Problem is lots of people have spent so long eating processed crap that their taste gets all out of kilter. Too much bass & treble, hiding all those delicious subtle mids! Cut out down those extremes and the world is awash with wonderful flavours. I just pray everyone has access to a good source of fresh produce because that's where it all starts. .
Hi Jazz, what is the ultrasonic content you measure in these hi rez systems/recordings? [music content , noise?] Are super tweeters etc still in vogue? I have not paid attention to all this last .00000% stuff for a while, just been enjoying my low-fi portable music, Interesting thread though. .
I dunno, i picked up a bit of crossover distortion in my youth. I blame it on exposure to early transistor amps. Maybe if i was older i would have a nice warm valve sound..
I would not worry about it, the amp [ or should] presents a VERY tiny load on the player. Most power is guzzled by all the number crunching the player has to do! Just set at a level that sounds best to you. I have a Clip and run that at 100% into an amp. Happy listening
2x ER4 2x D-EJ2000 2x Sansa Clip 3x Diy Amp 3x Stax 404 [ these were accumulated slightly different versions] etc The clip is my latest thing, got a compulsion to buy one every week fighting it though.. Think i have been a bit stressed and needed something to obsess over.
They work very hard at keeping the brand on top. I have lost count of the number of Ipod type 'stories' i have seen in the press over the years..
if you want your own shopping cart check out: Zen Cart | free shopping cart software it is popular and has a good community for support . This sort of software is must for managing your orders/customers.[ if you intend sell more than just a few products and hope to generate lots of orders..] And remember it's a mail order business so concentrate on building a seamless of stock to customer. The web side is just a part of it. Once you get all that sored ,...
Quote: Originally Posted by FallenAngel 2 things #1 : Stop listening to EE's, they're set in their ways and have likely NEVER bothered to question what they were taught. Use your own ears and be the judge! That's a bit harsh, what ALL EE's are stick in the mud's who will never advance their thinking? So who innovates the new stuff/ideas ? I have not been on an active duty with regard to audio kit advancement for a while, just enjoying what...
It's a good idea to open a bank account especially for Paypal and keep in it only just whats nessarsary to minimize potential losses. I do this I would not dare have a hole straight to them from my main one! it also a good idea for remote/online transactions in general. Sorry you got stung.
It's doing it's job though, wonder how many people there are over the world discussing this new look? .
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