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Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh I've finalised the chassis design for a headphone I've been toying with for some time. Just got to find a fabrication place which can make it without bankrupting me now. With any luck, this and another project will be at Canjam. Are you designing your own transducer too? I did my own ribbon transducer phones some while back , but got to the stage where to take things further the costs would really start...
if you think it suits your face and look go for it! Those pouty lips on the model remind of heroic renaissance sculpture. .
Quote: Originally Posted by anetode Go to a shooting range and find out My thoughts too, 10-15 rounds per second would be quite an earful! .
well I guess if you run 2 identical transducers in parallel you will get the same spl for less diaphragm excursion per unit compared to a single unit at the same spl. so at certain amplitudes/frequencies some distortions ought to be lower. Plus the capacity for high spl peaks would be possible without running out of 'headroom' especially true of low frequencies. balanced armature must sound great when banging the stops. .
maybe using lots of drivers enables response peaks and troughs to be evened out by overlapping etc , sort of using them as and eq. My own single driver iem [er4] is eq'd with a passive filter network outside of the phone! [always been a little sceptical of more drivers= better, then my iem experience is limited] 6-8 transducers per phone though..phew .
Looking at mine, it appears all you need to do is obtain a or create a pin punch and gently tap the the pivot pin through the hinge. The moulded pivot and grip ridge could then be planed back to create a neat slight raised section , no need to try to go flush, unless you want to sand the whole back to create a smooth finish. The example in the link is truly nasty hatchet job! A few hand to eye skill would help then! .
The clip is an 8gig V2 . I like the sound of them both but i do prefer the + for its functionality and expandability. They both benefit from amping to fine tune the sound, but i love em for the compactness when i just need a tiny pocket setup. Glad someone else hears a difference though, thought I was going mad! hehe
Everywhere i read that these players sound the same. But to my ears they do not. So those of you who have both or have heard both whats your take on this? For me the Clip + has a fair bit more upper mid bass thicker mids etc. Obviously this is dependent on system, but it is noticeable to differing degrees on all my phones/rigs. .
As far as portable listening goes there is still much to do in the 20Hz-16kHz before i would worry about real HF stuff. My own ER4's drop like a stone at 16k on their published response graphs. I expect by the time [if ever] iems, daps etc do it all perfectly my own ears will have the frequency response of an old telephone .
I listen to a mixture of file types and as RASeymour says it depends on the material. But i did find myself comparing wav to flac the other day [on the clip+] and got the impression that the wav sounded a bit more intelligible with vocals or more concise. The flac in the other hand seemed to have a little more body here and there. Not sure which i liked best. .
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