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So.. $15 buys potentially 10000 albums. Sounds like quite a good deal. I am sure huge profit potential here will help the growth of the music industry/sellers quite nicely.       .
I am using a build by an ABI member Timar:      http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showpost.php?p=471212&postcount=382   This works well for me,not an up to date build but proved 100% reliable for me thus far. I have not tried using the compresor though.
Here is another build by an ABI member, Timar to try:   http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showpost.php?p=471212&postcount=382   This one gives the Clip+  more volume.      .
Hehe, Hiccups! I have not really listened to the rockboxed + at length , but it does seem to crash regularly when playing. The V2 seems fine.     .  
Yep, it's not overly stable at the mo, but you can always boot to the original firmware when you want reliability, hehe. It seems much more stable on the the clip V2 , I actually prefer the sound of the V2 it's the clip i use with my amp/ety setup. The plus does duty as my minimalist player at the mo, and I have another V2 I use with stock firmware as control for comparisons. But i love the microsd card capability of the plus,got an 8gig at the mo, 32gig are quite a...
JaZZ Have you tried Rockbox yet? The eq with that is sweeet!
If you create a config.cfg file with your eq and or other settings into the root of the .rockbox folder it will be loaded on boot up. I do this to preload my ER4 settings. You can also add your own custom eq presets to the eq folder.       .
I use ETY ER4p with my clips [v2&+] and with the great EQ rockbox has you can really fine tune them to your tastes.[rockbox is now writable for the clip v2 + fuzev2] Obviously with a good amp you can squeeze out the last few% out of the clip but even without an amp the sound is tops. I prefer to use an amp but also use the clip on it's own to delight in it's sheer compactness! .
The fuze,Clipv2 and Clip+ are now writable. check: SanDisk Sansa c200v2, m200v4, clipv1, clipv2, clip+, and fuzev2 I now have them on my V2 and plus. All seems nice thus far with the clip+ having had more burps than the v2. [none so far for v2] Many thanks to those working on the Rockbox project .
Hi jaZZ I use the clip v2&clip+ both are great little players. I also have rockbox installed on the v2, it does have an excellent eq. You can select frequency bandwidth and gain. It has been a joy with the etys as i can now eq them without the use of my bulky passive unit. Both players sound very good on their own and better when hooked to a good amp. There are downsides to the rockboxing the clips. People often talk about rockboxing them as if Rockbox was a...
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