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Artists who are really passionate about their art want to do it full time not just as a hobby. Creative work takes a great deal of time. If you can make money from it then you can do this and make more and better art. Being a professional in any artistic field takes a LOT of hard work and luck. This not helped when people steal the fruits of your efforts. Plus every business has to allow for some losses but if you are not already doing OK those losses will be felt harder...
Really, do some searches to learn about  this stuff, it's a fascinating and enjoyable subject. You coudl get drawn into the dark side..........DIY
Charge does reverse direction though,so AC seems to fit the bill.
My Rockboxed clips drive my iems to more than high enough levels with most recordings. I do a lot of listening unamped but having amp to unload the output stage really makes a difference to the sound, a nice treat.
I guess it depends on what sort of sound people like, as well as partnering equipment, but have never found the clips veiled. The plus is warmer than the V2. In the past I have done the PDCP+dac+amp thing and still use an amp on occasion with the clipV2. Maybe i am now just reveling in how teeny weeny it is compared to previous 'portables'.   That said I am a converted  clip+Rockbox fanboy, so it is of course the best sounding thing in the world.   Hope you...
  Thought about that , but different phones need different eq [and some music] and it also depends on which clip. easier just to create the presets i need and load them accordingly.
How about having a RB build that has 24band eq for your clip+?!   http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55982      
Here is a fun thing you can do with an eq/dsp , try to trim things to achieve the apparent perceived effect of a 'trick' ic cable and see how similar you can get them. I did this with a passive eq a while back..
Here is an interesting build for those of you who enjoy the ability to fine tune your headphones. This one has a 24 band EQ!   http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55982
Regarding the Clip + pitch error , it depends on how sensitive to pitch you are. It is not something that has consciously bothered me, though i would prefer 'perfect' technical specs. I believe a rockbox fixes this now, but not sure, i have lost track of all the mods going on with it! Rockbox is another great reason to go for the clip  besides its already great performance.   No doubt there are other great sounding players that would suit your needs,i am sure...
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