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I use the olive tips and if I want to take off the tips it is simple. I don't pull like I would with other tips. instead I use my nail to slowly push the tips out. With the Shure earphones removing the olives is really difficult but the er4 isn't as bad.
Thanks for the quick replies. I guess that settles it for me. I've been holding off buying some replacement tips since I wasn't sure if custom tips would work out since it's only $150 or so at ACS but it seems that they are a bad match. That saved me $150. I'll go to B&H this weekend and just purchase a set of tips instead.
Does anyone use custom tips with the ER4SR? I was wondering if anything changes compared to regular tips. I imagine them being more comfortable but not sure if sound changes.
 Unfortunately there isn't that much information out on the new Etymotics since it is still new. I bought mine since I was going to purchase an ER4S and as I was about to purchase I found out about the existence of the ER4SR and XR. From what I've read, the only major difference is the bass is boosted on the XR so I figured I could add some EQ if needed but I haven't felt the need.  It's hard to compare which would you would like based off the HD600 and SE846 since they...
Does anyone know when the bluetooth cable will be available? The website says preorder and that it will ship July/August but that's almost over. I'm thinking of getting one for my atlas. Bluetooth would eliminate the cable running down which would probably work better for a gym iem.
 Are you able to remove the coloring easily? I just go by feel since the right side cable has a R on it and the left side has nothing. The only thing I would want in the future is a cable that I can use my android phone with and maybe something shorter in length. Other than that I really like these especially since I go them cheaper in a used sale.
 I don't see anything wrong with the review tbh. It doesn't really mention the sound however it does point out the connector/cable which others among myself have experienced. It would have been nice to offer some more detail about the sound but there are a lot of reviews for the SE846. Although I didn't know there were review guidelines..
 I really wonder about that since the mmcx connection is unlike any of the other types of mmcx such as Shure or Westone. My guess is that most of the cables would have to be purchased through Etymotic. I'm not getting that bad in terms of microphonics with the ER4SR. I use them over the ear and use the cable cinch so it doesn't seem exaggerated compared to other earphones I've had in the past. 
Hi,   I am putting my Trinity Audio Atlas up for sale. The reason for sale is that I could use the funds and I do not use them often enough to keep them. I bought them around 5 months ago and have used them sparingly.    I have the tips that are pictured, original box it came in, spare cable with right angle adapter, and the silver cylinder thing has the nozzles you can replace to adjust the sound. One thing to note is that the tips on the earphone do not come included...
 I would just get whichever ER4 model you want now. I would be surprised if Etymotic releases a model of the ER4 that has the lightning termination as the default. It would make more sense to have some kind of adapter made since plenty of people will use the older iphones or have phones outside of apple. I'm sure once apple releases the phone with no headphone jack that they will offer an adapter up for sale similar to when they changed to the lightning connection they...
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