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Has there been any review comparing this to the UERM? There's been a couple posts here and there but nothing into detail. Is the biggest difference the treble and the smaller sound stage with the UERR compared to the UERM? The UERM has been my biggest regret in selling and probably my favorite earphone ever.   I've recently gotten back into this hobby after selling everything off a while back and keeping things modest. Once finances are right, I'm thinking these should...
Is there a place to purchase the to go version in the USA? I don't see it on the UE website.
 It's normal for UE to be overlooked now. Even JH Audio is overlooked these days. The UERM was overlooked for the most part when it was available and these are no different. I suspect that it is because they do not have someone that active in these boards marketing their products and that they are neutral sounding earphones. They typically don't have as big a following as other earphones that are more exciting. Lastly, they haven't had many product releases compared to...
Wouldn't it make more sense to get a different earphone at this price point? Any custom cable would exceed the cost of the earphones by a good amount.
 There's nothing wrong with having multiple earphones :) I have the Q-Jays v2 as well and there are times when I use one over the other for a couple weeks at a time. I don't see myself selling them since resale value on these don't seem to be very good from what I've seen or it takes a while to sell them. I see them as an affordable earphone where it doesn't matter if I keep them regardless if they are used or not. 
 The P1 is a good choice and at a good price too. The P1 is a much easier earphone to recommend than the DN2000J. The clarity on the Dunu is very good but the treble is hard to recommend. I had some trouble with that earphone and I typically gravitate towards those with that kind of sound signature such as Etymotics and similar earphones. 
What's the average turnaround time for a set of cables? I haven't bought a cable by plussound in a while so can't remember if it's a short or long wait time. I'm looking at my options but it appears that plussound is the only option that has some kind of android music control options (although without the volume control) and I would primarily use it with my phone. I would use it with my Mee Audio P1 so spending more than $200 or so isn't reasonable when the P1 costs only...
I don't really like the stock cables that come with the P1 so I'm looking for a custom cable that has android controls. Is there one where you  have the play,pause, next, previous as well as the volume control buttons? I know plussound audio has an option for a one button control but without the volume. Any idea for an alternative or is plussound the only option?
Is there a deadline to sign up online before it goes to paying at the door? I won't know if I am able to make it until a couple days before.   Also do vendors typically have their products for sale there?
 It actually is harder to drive. If this is marketed towards those who use cell phones and similar crowd I'm definitely interested. My phone is my source more often than not and I do have a 25% off coupon for their website I want to use eventually. My P1 sounds great regardless of what these turn out to be so no worries there. At the $200 price range there really isn't much to complain about.
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