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 The majority of bluetooth earphones are terrible at least to the standards of this forum. The only decent sounding one retails at around $100. There is still room for improvement (technology wise) however I would like to test out where the earphones already sound good wired. The mmcx bluetooth cables are recent so should be a good idea to see how good they can sound. 
Does anyone happen to have the Trinity Audio or Westone bluetooth cable? I've been trying some bluetooth earphones lately and thinking something like this could do well. Once these are available on Amazon I'll probably purchase them.
 There is a lot of hype for these earphones right now. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. However there are a couple of posts that are starting to raise a red flag for me. For many new earphones/headphones that are just released in the market, there tends to be a majority of good impressions. It takes time and many impressions to accurately judge if the hype was warranted or not. There have been some people mentioned that they have ordered these earphones in...
I am putting up my ER4-SR up for sale. The condition of these is mint - like new. I opened the package just to make sure everything was there so the plastic tape has been cut. Other than they these are new in box as I have not used them yet.   The reason for sale is I could use the funds. I will take pictures if needed however it is just like new.   My price is $275 which includes paypal and shipping I will use either UPS or USPS with signature and tracking. I am...
Can someone compare how big the size of the iem is? It looks pretty big from pictures. I'm trying to figure out what the sound signature would be. Is it anywhere close to the SE846?
 My cable died on me a few weeks ago. It's probably something that could be fixed if I had soldering skills. I can probably send it to someone to get it re-terminated if needed. I contacted Etymotic and they have a replacement cable for me coming Monday. This is a big reason why I went with Etymotic and not a different company. I have had nothing but good thing to say about their customer service. I do wish their replacement cables were available for purchase so I can buy...
Well I couldn't find any alternatives so I purchased a pair from B&H Photo. It should arrive tomorrow. I've only had one other bluetooth earphone in the Jaybirds X2 so hopefully these are better overall. I didn't like the fit with the jaybirds and these are much cheaper so no big deal even if I don't like them.
has there been anything better than these in their price range since they have been released? I'm looking at a Bluetooth earphone that's under 100. These seem to be up there in quality however they are a bit old and since technology is supposed to move fast there should be something better but I haven't really found anything.
I use the olive tips and if I want to take off the tips it is simple. I don't pull like I would with other tips. instead I use my nail to slowly push the tips out. With the Shure earphones removing the olives is really difficult but the er4 isn't as bad.
Thanks for the quick replies. I guess that settles it for me. I've been holding off buying some replacement tips since I wasn't sure if custom tips would work out since it's only $150 or so at ACS but it seems that they are a bad match. That saved me $150. I'll go to B&H this weekend and just purchase a set of tips instead.
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