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Nice review as usual.   I as struggling with choosing the V281 or Taurus amps a few months ago. I chose the latter since it is much easier to find it at a discount either from the used market or a dealer display unit. I live in NYC and there are a lot of dealers in Manhattan and I do not know of any that stocks Violectric but the big ones stock Auralic. I am unable to find that with the V281 since Violectric is not very popular and my guess is that they have not sold as...
I have a Hifiman cable up for sale. I used it for around 1-2 weeks. This cable was bought since I was impatient with another cable I had on order so bought it to hold me over until it arrived. It is a 7 foot cable.   The cable I got from ebay from the seller wjernst. I believe that seller is a member here as well but unable to confirm. The XLR cable has the following specs from the ebay ad:    Canare OFC Star Quad Cable, 22 Gauge Black paracord covering the cable...
 No clue. I haven't heard or owned the V200 in at least 2 years and my audio memory is not accurate that far back. They are in different price ranges so suited for different audiences. 
I guess all you need now are some totl headphones 
My v800 is the first version of it and I have no issues with usb
I wouldn't let the lack of a balanced output prevent me from buying the concero. That would make a good setup that takes up very little desk space. If I was in the market that would be my first choice for the dac considering the size of the amp
 Tell me that in a couple of weeks :P I knew you would enjoy the amp. I think it's a great amp and hard to not enjoy the amp. One thing I do like is how good it looks. Some other similarly priced items do not look anywhere close to as good and although nothing to do with sound it is nice for a premium product to look..well premium.
still available
I probably won't purchase anything any time soon. I like my current setup a lot and not sure I would pick that over the HE-6. Also, I might be planning a move in the next few months or a new city so it's not wise to purchase something now only to sell or hold in storage later. 
I think you will like the amp with the he560. I do think that the amp can do better than the HE560 level headphone so looking at potential upgrades to your amp is an option to consider.I haven't seen too many with both of those dacs. I've heard them on separate occasions but never with the same gear to help your question.
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