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As the title states I am in the market for a Violectric V281 amp. I would prefer a silver face plate with gold feet however that is not a deal breaker if not. I am looking for the defaultvolume control setting with no dac. I am located in New York, USA and it will be going to zip code 11366. Local pickup may be an option either in Manhattan or certain parts of Queens.   Since this is a high priced item I will purchase only from those with good feedback as a seller of...
 People have issues with every headphone regardless of price range. This includes HE-6, LCD-X, SR-007, SR-009, etc so playing around with a headphone from mods or EQ is not specific to this headphone. There's always some kind of trade off. With the HE-560 it has more positive aspects than negative and generally has good feedback from owners
 Thank you. I did hear the Ether this weekend but with unfamiliar gear (Schiit Ragnarok/Yggrasil or however it is spelled) and it did sound good however the environment was not the best as is the case for meet conditions. The Ether was definitely impressive but it could have been a combination of the entire chain. The biggest surprise was the weight of the Ether. I thought the HE-560 I owned was light for an ortho but the Ether was on another level. I've had issues with...
That he6 comparison should be interesting. That's the only other headphone I'm considering. Meet conditions are difficult especially for open headphones. I can tell the signature and if it is good or not. There isn't much past that unless it's really quiet.
I'm thinking these will be my next headphone but I'll have to wait a bit before I purchase it. I'm in the market for a new amp first and since these won't ship immediately it makes sense to buy the amp first. I did hear them albeit not in the best conditions but they do sound good and surprisingly light.
If it helps Stax SR009 only has 1 year warranty and many buy it without a warranty by buying it from japan.   I don't think most people care or think too much about the warranty when buying headphones. 
 That amp does sound interesting. It's pretty cheap for a Cavalli Audio amp. I'd like to hear it but not purchase it. I was thinking about that amp but knowing me I would want an upgrade within the next 3-6 months similar to what I'm doing with the Lyr 2. I bought the Violectric V281 and I'm hoping that's as future proof as it gets. I've gotten enough confirmation from members that this is a really nice amp.
It really depends. Those with the dacs you listed may want that last percentage and this dac may fill that void. I'm on the fence with this dac since I do like my current one and I need to hear it in person before I can decide.
I hope there will be something to fill in the gap between this and the he1000 and knowing hifiman I'm sure they have something in the works. It doesn't make sense not to. I'm holding my next headphone purchase until some headphones are released such as that ether coming out from mrspeakers. I'm buying a v281 in the meantime
I just found out about the existence of the ether last night and that definitely looks interesting. The headphones from mrspeakers has sounded good but nothing that I would want to own. Hopefully it competes well with other stuff in this price range
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