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It's not as enhanced compared to a lot of other stuff out there. As far as I'm concerned the jh13 is great with all kinds of music.
I got the silver with the black cable. I got in really early too so I would have hoped I got mine by now. I'm sure it sounds good but the use I had for them has already been filled.
I think I've basically lost interest in my set whenever I get them. These were an impulse buy like just about everything else I own.
I feel your pain. I'm in the same situation
I think one person got theirs but can't remember who. I'm in the first 50 and haven't gotten it yet so probably will be some time.
 It's probably similar to why I don't buy customs outside of US anymore. If anything goes wrong the warranty is much easier to deal with within the same country than outside and there is always the possibility of a language barrier with some of these asian companies.
go to Julie glick in the midtown area. I've gone to her for my jh13 and uerm. it costs 75 and might be pricey but worth it.
The jh5 is no gamble and definitely not harsh. At the price it goes for it sounds amazing. it's not as good as a top tier custom but still a very good iem.
I had something similar happen a while back in college. I learned afterwards to back up everything. Of course now most of what I have is ripped from cds but would take up too much time to rip again.
You should have just bought one of each color combination
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