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After many many months of waiting and Yulong designer's tweaking, the Special Edition Yulong D8 and A8 are finally ready for shipping from factory now.    Final Pricing:    D8 - Final price is USD$2200 with optional High Precision Clock for extra $350 = total $2200 (no clock) or $2550 (with clock). Price is in USD funds.    Each buyer who pre-ordered D8 to confirm to us that if you would like to have your unit to install the High Precision Clock. We suggest buyer to...
This is a rare opportunity to receive sales discount for Yulong Audio products! Known for its high performance for the dollar, Yulong Audio rarely offers discount for their products due to its worldwide universal sales price without typical retail markup we see in the western world. This time - Grant Fidelity will offer Pre-Holiday sale discount for selected high end models such as Yulong DA8, D18, A18 and P18. Purchare a killer combo such as DA8/A18/P18 with upgrade power...
We offer free shipping worldwide - Yulong resellers have no territory restriction so you can choose whichever reseller you feel comfortable with for best service.  Although we are in North America, we coordinate shipping and factory services worldwide. 
My pleasure. We will do our very best to serve all our customers. Thank you again for your trust to us and your business. Rachel @ Grant Fidelity 
Deposit is $699 USD and we can still squeeze in new orders. Balance due before shipping (exact amount unknown at this point due to design not completed yet so factory cannot have exact quote on cost)   Best,  Rachel @ Grant Fidelity 
Reply from Yulong will come very soon :) Thanks for your hard work for the head-fi community :)    Rachel @ Grant Fidelity 
Yulong's official answer on how to set XLR output level to 2-2.5V:    Full volume as 10, counter clockwise - minus 65% = 2V, minus 45% = 2.5V.    Hope this helps.  Rachel @ Grant Fidelity 
For DA8 being a high end digital products, there is no known repair shop in North America who can repair a unit as good as Yulong can at the factory without compromising performance. When a unit is reported to have software-like issues, it should definitely be tested by Yulong at factory with the right equipment. Typical repair shops in North America may not have the tools or the knowledge to repair to the level of Yulong will do. All DA8 units if reported with issues...
Yulong website looks like down - I will notify them to fix it ASAP. 
For all DA8 owners, do check out the new DSD Play instructions released by Yulong:   It's important to follow the instructions to properly use the DSD feature of DA8.   Best,  Rachel @ Grant Fidelity 
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