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try this  
can anyone recommend me a warm amp that has lots of power but max price of $200 used, atm i have he-400 hooked with E17 + E9K.. the thing is i have electronic music that needs lots of bass EQ'ing (I use +10 bass EQ on the e17) and since its +10 if i go above like 70% volume(with gain on) the bass will distort because there isn't enough headroom/power and i simply want it LOUDER with no bass distortion for those huge big room club songs. would be good if i could somehow...
lmao, any examples of the "bizarre audiophile theories"? What's so bad about placebo, people underestimate it and don't realize just how much it influences life in general
  Lol, it's true but I think we have to learn to accept placebo and hyperboles as a part of the head-fi experience, let people believe what they want to believe... placebo is a powerful thing and it can't even be proved that it's 100% placebo, although I would advise for people to put comfort,durability etc on top of some minor "mods" that may or may not be beneficial since it just depends on your state of mind
  Subjective really, if you want ample bass.. you will need more than the E17 imo.
  Haha, I totally agree!!! expectation bias(aka placebo) is all it really is most of the time. Didn't really think too many people would have two separate HE400s lying around though, or else yes that would be ideal. Personally I found J$ to be a great buy regardless of sound, $40 for durable long lasting lambskin, very easy to clean, isnt a dust magnet, thicker/more comfy than original pads.... luckily I have no overheating/sweat issues so it's all good. Do you find...
  People don't realize that soundstage can be quite hard to differentiate from memory(or even in general) and you'd need to actually compare the same songs to notice any changes in mids/highs(with the exception of vocals and sibilance), bass is the easiest to judge. People may disagree with this, but then again how can they tell me it wasn't placebo?   I sometimes try have pad x on left pad y on right, so i can simultaneously notice the difference real time, but even then...
  same applies to xb700, you need an EQ to turn them into subwoofers.. OP should be focusing on bass quality not quantity.. since quantity can be EQ'd to subwoofer levels on all these basshead cans listed in OP
I've heard most of them and I can extrapolate what xb1000 sound likes from my xb700..   you seriously can't go wrong with xb700 or xb1000 for dubstep... d2000 would be good too but i personally am not a fan of ultrasone's fit or soundstage   dt770 needs a decent amp but IMO the sound is too closed   I'd personally go with fiio E17 + XB1000 = WIN
  what dust filter do you use?
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