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 Is a Fiio E11 good enough to amp them?
I added black electrical tape to cover one vent on each cup.  I need more time to evaluate it though.
Is there much of a difference in the pre 2012 AH-D2000 and the current ones?  I found a used pair for sale but they are about a year and a half old so they are the old version.
They are in China and their contact e-mail is a address
That website can't be the real thing can it?  Those prices, even the retail they quote, is way too low.
Thanks.  I'll give them a call.  Were you able to pre-order the open box that are $200 or use a coupon on the new ah-d2000?
Will they let you order an out of stock item if you call?  The webpage won't let you order them.
While I wait for these to get back in stock at Electronic Expo I thought I would post a want to buy and see if anyone has a pair they want to sell. Thanks, Steve
Wow those digitech stickers came off EASY
Man, now I'm gonna try to remove Digitech and scratch mine up for sure.
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