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I'll take the JDS Labs 421.  PM sent. Steve
Great shape, works perfect.  Includes amp, tin, Fiio silicon band, 3.5 to 3.5 connect, two batteries, directions.  Also includes external battery charger that is not shown in picture. $50 shipped with payment by paypal gift.  Regular paypal is fine if buyer pays fees.
I can't put locktite in it pre-coming loose as a screwdriver won't fit : )  I don't own an offset one.
I've been within minutes of the Denon A-HD200 on Amazon Warehouse and didn't get them.  I think to get those crazy deals you have to be there instantly or they are gone.  
How worried should I be about the ear cups coming loose and falling off?  Is it a common problem?  It sounds like a pain especially if I have to buy a special tool to install them again.  Do I really need to buy spare parts "just in case"?  
Stretch out the headphones because the clamping force is pretty tight.
Must be gone now
What are the part numbers to order to have spares I might need?  The picture is hard to view.
Just ripped up an old pillow : )
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