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My AKG K422 are in the for sale forum if anyone missed the deal and wants them.
Murrieta-not too far from you  
Excellent condition.  No mods.  10-20 hours use.  For sale because I prefer full size that have a little more portability.  $200 via gift paypal (or add fees for regular paypal) plus $12 for shipping.
As close to new as possible for being opened.  Maybe 1 hour use.  I bought them not paying close enough attention that they are semi-open and not closed headphones.  Payment by gift paypal or add paypal fees for regular paypal.  $4 shipping.
I would like to buy the Jaycars
I hope the 8620 is a good match for headphones.  I don't use in ear.  I mostly use Brainwavz HM5 and Denon A-HD2000.  I bought the C421 used and the 8620 chip is what it had.
Do you still have my e-mail address from our earlier deal?  I am interested in the jaycars. Thanks, Steve  
I'll take the JDS Labs 421.  PM sent. Steve
Great shape, works perfect.  Includes amp, tin, Fiio silicon band, 3.5 to 3.5 connect, two batteries, directions.  Also includes external battery charger that is not shown in picture. $50 shipped with payment by paypal gift.  Regular paypal is fine if buyer pays fees.
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