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Mine are in the for sale forum:
My AKG K422 are in the for sale forum if anyone missed the deal and wants them.
Murrieta-not too far from you  
Excellent condition.  No mods.  10-20 hours use.  For sale because I prefer full size that have a little more portability.  $200 via gift paypal (or add fees for regular paypal) plus $12 for shipping.
As close to new as possible for being opened.  Maybe 1 hour use.  I bought them not paying close enough attention that they are semi-open and not closed headphones.  Payment by gift paypal or add paypal fees for regular paypal.  $4 shipping.
I would like to buy the Jaycars
I hope the 8620 is a good match for headphones.  I don't use in ear.  I mostly use Brainwavz HM5 and Denon A-HD2000.  I bought the C421 used and the 8620 chip is what it had.
Do you still have my e-mail address from our earlier deal?  I am interested in the jaycars. Thanks, Steve  
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