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Send me a PM if you are looking to buy a pair of HM5.
I put one of my two C421s in the for sale forum:
Shipped free.  Great shape.  I ended up with two of these that both have the AD8620 amp.  I am selling the one I don't use.  I bought this from JDS Labs directly and not from another owner.  Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics.  Paypal gift or add fees.
I now have two C421 8620s.  If anyone has a C421 2227 and wants to trade for one of my 8620s let me know.  I'd like to be able to compare the differences. Thanks, Steve
JDSLabs already got my C421 with the faulty headphone jack, has replaced the jack, and is shipping it back today.  Wow.  A+ customer service.
Includes Head Fi laser engraved Fiio E11 in perfect working condition, SIX batteries (photo doesn't show them all), one battery charger with box, 3.5 to 3.5 cord, tin with Fiio wrap, Fiio silicon band.  Small scratch on E11 unit.   $45 via paypal gift or add paypal fees.   $8 shipping (all those batteries make it a little heavy).  Check my feedback.  You won't be disappointed.   possible sale
Like I said, top notch customer service and I was not worried at all.  I also plan on buying a second C421 (the 2227 so I can compare it to the 8620).  Have no fear buying the C421 from JDS Labs.
John was very kind so I'm sure he'll take care of me.  I'm not worried.
I hope the E12 competes with JDS Labs C421.  
How tight is the headphone jack on your C421?  Mine allows some wiggling of the headphone cable and the sound cuts in and out and makes some popping, static noise when the cord is moved.  JDS Labs was super cool about it and I sent it back.  They will take care of me so I'm not worried, but I wondered if it was just me.  They were very nice about it.  
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