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How long until available on
Thanks.  I had missed what you wrote.
I like the C421.  I just wondering if this is worth trying with easy to drive Brainwavz Hm5.
Would this amp be a good match for Brainwavz Hm5 headphones?  I use a C421 now.
I would love to know how it stacks up to the JDS Labs C421.  
Please add me to the list
Thanks-e-mail sent
If anyone buys the new end plates and doesn't need their old ones please PM me.  The writing is getting rubbed off of mine and I don't have the funds to buy the new ones.  If your old ones are just going to collect dust I could use them Thanks, Steve  
What was the shipped cost for the new endplates?
I'd just buy some Jaycar clones and keep the cords, ear pads, and all the spare parts you can from the HM5
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