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Great shape.  I wanted to try these out just for fun.  For my big ears these are more "on ear" than "over ear" and I prefer over the ear.  $20 plus $3 shipping.  Free paypal if using gift option.  Thanks, Steve
If anyone in the States who has the HM5 has upgraded their cable or made their own and no longer needs the original, I will buy them off you.  PM me. Thanks, Steve
Which sales rep should I talk to to get the denon ah-d2000 for $200 shipped at JR?    
Grab a cheap, but quality one from monoprice
That's not good news : (  Why wouldn't they go with a cable that's easily replaceable and available everywhere?  Does anyone know if getting such cables from MP4Nation is easy or affordable?  Cables do go bad/get messed up over time.    
Is that the best soloution?  Run a male/female 3.5mm cord from my source, to that adaptor, then run two single male/male 3.5mm cords from the adaptor to each side of the HM5?  Seems like someone would make a male to dual male 3.5mm cord.  Or am I wrong and the HM5 inputs are actually RCA sized?  I see 3.5mm male to dual male RCA cords are easy to find.    
Where can I buy spare cords for the HM5?  I usually buy my cords from monoprice, but I see only 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cords.  The HM5 needs dual male on one end.  I don't see the kind of cord that has one male on one side and two male connectors on the other.  Am I missing it on their webpage?  Does anyone know a place that sells them cheap? Thanks, Steve
SOLD   I've had these less than a week.  They sound great.  Perfect condition.  Maybe two hours of use on them.  The cups just don't fit *over* my big ears so I'm going to try to find some phones with cups big enough to fit over my ears.  Comes with headphones, warranty card, and extra pads.  $40 plus $4 shipping anywhere in the 48 States.   SOLD
How much more performance can I expect from D200s over Brainwavz HM5?
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