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If anyone in the States who has the HM5 has upgraded their cable or made their own and no longer needs the original, I will buy them off you.  PM me. Thanks, Steve
Which sales rep should I talk to to get the denon ah-d2000 for $200 shipped at JR?    
Grab a cheap, but quality one from monoprice
That's not good news : (  Why wouldn't they go with a cable that's easily replaceable and available everywhere?  Does anyone know if getting such cables from MP4Nation is easy or affordable?  Cables do go bad/get messed up over time.    
Is that the best soloution?  Run a male/female 3.5mm cord from my source, to that adaptor, then run two single male/male 3.5mm cords from the adaptor to each side of the HM5?  Seems like someone would make a male to dual male 3.5mm cord.  Or am I wrong and the HM5 inputs are actually RCA sized?  I see 3.5mm male to dual male RCA cords are easy to find.    
Where can I buy spare cords for the HM5?  I usually buy my cords from monoprice, but I see only 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cords.  The HM5 needs dual male on one end.  I don't see the kind of cord that has one male on one side and two male connectors on the other.  Am I missing it on their webpage?  Does anyone know a place that sells them cheap? Thanks, Steve
SOLD   I've had these less than a week.  They sound great.  Perfect condition.  Maybe two hours of use on them.  The cups just don't fit *over* my big ears so I'm going to try to find some phones with cups big enough to fit over my ears.  Comes with headphones, warranty card, and extra pads.  $40 plus $4 shipping anywhere in the 48 States.   SOLD
How much more performance can I expect from D200s over Brainwavz HM5?
I need a few of the silicon straps (like Fiio sends with their amps).  If anyone has any they don't need please pm me. Thanks, Steve
Can anyone point me to a cheap source to buy some of these?  I'm looking for ones that are the right size to strap a Fiio E11 to an mp3 player.  Are the ones kids wear the right size or are ones made for amps a different size?
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