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I like trying new things.  I can always sell or trade the E12 and pick up another C421 or get the new C5 : )
Thanks.  looks like it's $6 more.  Is this amazon seller one of the ebay guys people have been using?
Loved my C421 but traded it for a Fiio E12.
Can't wait to get my E12 that I traded my C421 amp for.  Might get a C&C BH sometime in the future to have a smaller sized amp too.  Has anyone heard if Fiio has changed their decision on the bass boost change?  It sounds like the version 1 bass boost will be a better match for me anyway.
Which is the ebay seller to use for the C&C BH (this thread is really long)?
Any reason why the C&C BH isn't available on Amazon?  I have $ to spend there.
C421 with AD8620 chip in great shape.  Includes the USB cable, rubber feet, two extra face plates and instructions.  $125 shipped in Continental U.S. Payment by paypal gift (check my feedback) or add the 3.5% extra fees.
Anyone with an E12 want to trade for a JDSLabs C421 with 8620 chip?  I'm going to get it up in the for sale section so I can buy an E12.  A trade would be even easier.
How long until available on
Thanks.  I had missed what you wrote.
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