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I don't think there's a real winner between the C421 and E12.  They are both great, but there are differences.   The E12 has more power and the bass is cleaner and better integrated with the mids.  But, the thing is a brick.  It's barely a portable amp.  The volume knob is too stiff.  It's impossible to use with a Fiio L9 LOD.  I thought the crossfeed would be fun to play with but the recessed button that requires a pin or something to move it means I won't be...
Sorry no pic but it's in great shape.  L9 doesn't work well with my new Fiio E12.  I want to trade my L9 LOD for a L3 LOD. Thanks, Steve
I like trying new things.  I can always sell or trade the E12 and pick up another C421 or get the new C5 : )
Thanks.  looks like it's $6 more.  Is this amazon seller one of the ebay guys people have been using?
Loved my C421 but traded it for a Fiio E12.
Can't wait to get my E12 that I traded my C421 amp for.  Might get a C&C BH sometime in the future to have a smaller sized amp too.  Has anyone heard if Fiio has changed their decision on the bass boost change?  It sounds like the version 1 bass boost will be a better match for me anyway.
Which is the ebay seller to use for the C&C BH (this thread is really long)?
Any reason why the C&C BH isn't available on Amazon?  I have $ to spend there.
C421 with AD8620 chip in great shape.  Includes the USB cable, rubber feet, two extra face plates and instructions.  $125 shipped in Continental U.S. Payment by paypal gift (check my feedback) or add the 3.5% extra fees.
Anyone with an E12 want to trade for a JDSLabs C421 with 8620 chip?  I'm going to get it up in the for sale section so I can buy an E12.  A trade would be even easier.
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