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Do the poly fill and electric tape mod to tighten up the sound
Anyone in So Ca have these so I could give them a listen and see how they fit my head/ears?
So the version sold on Amazon is an old version?
Several people have mentioned their ear touches the driver sometimes.  Can someone measure how deep the cup is from the outer edge of the pad to the driver?  I know the pad will compress when on my head, but at least this will give me some idea.  Thanks a bunch for anyone willing!!!
Thin slice of bike tire inner tube
How big are the inside of the cups from top to bottom?  One thing I like about my HM5 is the fit over my kind of big ear and it really bothers me when part of the cup lands on my ear.  The HP100 cups look more circle than round. 
Thanks for the trade : )  It's always fun to try new gear and trades make it possible when short on cash!  E12 and C421 are both winners.  
I don't think there's a real winner between the C421 and E12.  They are both great, but there are differences.   The E12 has more power and the bass is cleaner and better integrated with the mids.  But, the thing is a brick.  It's barely a portable amp.  The volume knob is too stiff.  It's impossible to use with a Fiio L9 LOD.  I thought the crossfeed would be fun to play with but the recessed button that requires a pin or something to move it means I won't be...
Sorry no pic but it's in great shape.  L9 doesn't work well with my new Fiio E12.  I want to trade my L9 LOD for a L3 LOD. Thanks, Steve
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