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Um. Dislikes: - Size. - Weight - A little too tight Likes: - Bass - Soft, ventilated pads (If you ever stuck your fingers under the pads, you'd know what I mean) - Overall SQ
Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 When i first heard them..i thot Sennheiser as a brand is a joke..but my opinion strongly changed after i heard the other models. HD201 is a big disgrace i think BIG PLUS ONE on that one. The bass is a joke. I listen to Hip-Hop and Rap myself, and songs like "Coldest Winter" by Kanye West makes them REALLY unsatisfying and mediocre.
Quote: Originally Posted by BluesDaddy Just get it from deal extreme. Shipping's slow as a constipated baby trying to take a crap. Point is: It takes a while.
Hey, I'm looking to buy a Fiio E5. Must come w/ all the original accesories and be cheaper than $18.75 shipped. Paypal ONLY.
A fiio through the input of my portable AM/FM player I got from the 99 cents store... Jeez really? EDIT: Grado RA1 - not fiio. MY BAD!
Well; I like my iTouch for its multiple uses (GAMES!!! LOTSA THEM!!!) As a cheapy PMP you could consider a 2GB shuffle clone on ebay... As a SQ monster, maybe a Cowon? Fuze? Zune (If it supports lossless)?
Sucks to be young, doesn't it? (I'm 14 myself; blew $90 for my Beyers) Well, a Fiio's cheap and all, and it's small, but many say it doesn't REALLY improve the sound, but it can boost the bass without making it sound bad. If you plan on going bigger; there's used Cmoy's, Total Airhead's, and Total BitHeads you could consider in the FS forum. Of course, you need paypal (I have my parents password, myself ) so, yeah... Enjoy.
I like mine through the Creative sondcard I have, but make sure yo're listening lossless where you auditioned it.
... Or change the buds to something more discounted (SCL4 @ cough cough) and save the money for upgrades or songs.
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