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They're fart machines. If you ever go to their site and, read the descriptions. They say that Skullcandy makes the best headphones (lies!) and their related products aren't related at all. Just colorful pieces of crap, good for the teens who could give a ! about SQ because they're too busy smoking.
I think Yahoo answers could actually help.
Yep! Right here: Fiio E3 Earphone Volume Booster Power Amplifier 3.5mm (White) $6.88 - Free Shipping The other is @ when you register onto their forums, which is free, add the Fiio E3: Nationite Edition to your cart and apply the code: 15offacc. This coupon might be valid, I don't know. LINKY: Nationite Edition Fiio E3 Portable Headphone Amp (Black) [NE-Fiio-E3] - $7.65 : MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest...
If I have more bass than the DT770's, I'd probably go deaf. EDIT: SKULLCANDY!!! Love those fart machines. It's like sticking an ass in front of your ears (While farting, of course)!
Um. Dislikes: - Size. - Weight - A little too tight Likes: - Bass - Soft, ventilated pads (If you ever stuck your fingers under the pads, you'd know what I mean) - Overall SQ
Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 When i first heard them..i thot Sennheiser as a brand is a joke..but my opinion strongly changed after i heard the other models. HD201 is a big disgrace i think BIG PLUS ONE on that one. The bass is a joke. I listen to Hip-Hop and Rap myself, and songs like "Coldest Winter" by Kanye West makes them REALLY unsatisfying and mediocre.
Quote: Originally Posted by BluesDaddy Just get it from deal extreme. Shipping's slow as a constipated baby trying to take a crap. Point is: It takes a while.
Hey, I'm looking to buy a Fiio E5. Must come w/ all the original accesories and be cheaper than $18.75 shipped. Paypal ONLY.
A fiio through the input of my portable AM/FM player I got from the 99 cents store... Jeez really? EDIT: Grado RA1 - not fiio. MY BAD!
Well; I like my iTouch for its multiple uses (GAMES!!! LOTSA THEM!!!) As a cheapy PMP you could consider a 2GB shuffle clone on ebay... As a SQ monster, maybe a Cowon? Fuze? Zune (If it supports lossless)?
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