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I'd be willing to sell them to ya for $75+ shipping then. My zip is 07066 if interested. The damage isn't so bad.
I can sell you a Creative Aurvana X-FI NC for $80 shipped with a makeshift cable. One of the sides hinges are sort of broken. The cancel noise pretty well. My dad considered these as a lifesaver on a 6 hour flight.
I also have a triple fi 10, if interested. I can throw in 6 pairs of comply tips (2 packs).
I have a Super. Fi 5 if interested
I have ATH-PRO5MS's (Same cable as the m50's). Let me know if you're interested! 
Interested sort of :)   Btw, if you decide to go ship it to canada, UPS has the best rates for shipping, IMO. ~$18 insured and all for a set of headphones.
This is for a regular, Super. Fi 5. Good condition with tips and all. I might not have the cleaning tool, but that's no big deal, really. Cool tin included :)  
Raspberry Arizona Ice Tea :)
Oh, I have set- I'm from the USA. I think I can do $110 shipped, uninsured.
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