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I remember I had a talk with Yikes at the NNJ meet last year, and he told me that I'm lucky that I don't like expensive headphones as much as lower end, because that way you can enjoy the music more for a fraction of the price. A real oddity I've found at the NNJ meet were that the HD650 (With HEAVY ampage) and PX100 (Connected to an iTouch) have pretty similar sound, my rig costed $100 through good deals and the HD650's were up somewhere in the $7,000 range. I also...
Ordered an AD700! Maybe I can get an XBOX 360 hookup running for everyone? Anyone willing to bring a ~30" screen with a component plugin?  
bump. still looking!
Did ya check this out?
Bump. These are pretty sweet. I just never use it!
Oh, and I'll be bringing some of my gear including my Motorola Droid, if anyone's into that.    Denon DRA-835 Reciever Yamaha DV-C6760 DVD/CD/SACD Player Home Headroom Amplifier   Grado SR60 w. SR325 drivers. Triple Fi 10 Super Fi 5 AKG K301 HD580 HD490 Sony MDR Z700 ATH PRO5MS and more!   By then, some of these'll be gone because I'm constantly trading headphones.
Pics of the senn iem?
I have your choice of a 20gb Arcade (2008, no RROD's) and a 20gb Pro (2007, 1 RROD). Both are in good condition, although the arcade is better because it was used less. Since I have no need for two 360's, this one's going up for sale (Although I think it would be insane to play 2 games of COD at the same time :p). I'm good with anything really, as long as the trade's worth it. Both units have an HDMI input. The arcade is probably a better pick, but it doesn't have the...
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