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They sure do leak and any open set will, although I feel like the SR60's aren't as bad as others.   I would suggest looking around ebay for a used Creative Aurvana Live! or a Denon D1001. Another idea would be to wait for a refurbished ES7's for ~55 on sites like JR and BuyDig.
Bought some tubes donated to the NNJ guys by Ross. Very nice of him to donate! I don't know him but a guy who's willing to donate has got to be a nice guy.
He bought 2 tubes from me at a NNJ Head-Fi meet. Nice guy! 
I'd love a pair, the M6's are the one's I've been waiting to try :)   If it helps, I'm a Freshman entering my Sophomore year in high school, and I will pass these along if I don't like them- free of course.
I'm 15, I started when I was 13. Now I have a setup better than some middle-aged HF'ers.    Grado SR60 with SR325 drivers, HD580, Triple. Fi 10. Headroom Home Amp. Denon Receiver. Yamaha SACD player.   Dream Big.
Any headphone with an EQ curve. Foobar is great with this. I like these with my Z700's.     10db-    -                -                   -                       -                               - 0db-                                -       -      -      -       -         -                                 
Oh an SR325 with flats is the charm. It is one of the bassiest Grados, FWIR, and I believe it. The SR60's sounded very dry compared to these, and they're a small stretch above your budget. I love mine.    Oh by the way, Grado's are great unamped in general :)
20-2000hz Frequency response? They're not only forgiving, but also forgetting.  
I remember I had a talk with Yikes at the NNJ meet last year, and he told me that I'm lucky that I don't like expensive headphones as much as lower end, because that way you can enjoy the music more for a fraction of the price. A real oddity I've found at the NNJ meet were that the HD650 (With HEAVY ampage) and PX100 (Connected to an iTouch) have pretty similar sound, my rig costed $100 through good deals and the HD650's were up somewhere in the $7,000 range. I also...
Ordered an AD700! Maybe I can get an XBOX 360 hookup running for everyone? Anyone willing to bring a ~30" screen with a component plugin?  
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