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I got a HD580 with no pads that I think I can salvage off to you, let me know how much $.
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Windows Mobile is a very bad OS. It's always been sluggish on the HTC's I've tried.. But why are you letting go of the HD2? That's pretty much T-Mobile's flagship phone. Look at the Samsung Vibrant. If you don't like it, get rid of it and try an unlocked iPhone 3GS (Craigslist).    Keep in mind Android is developing quickly.
So many awesome IEM's... Count me in :)   Oh, and it might be a good idea to make a rule about reselling. 
I was comparing frequency response charts on headroom, and the Klipsch X10i's and Lady Gaga Heartbeats chart is very similar. I know the chart isn't the only factor when it comes to sound quality, but I'm sure these two are pretty close. Not that I'd buy anything like the Gaga's lol...[]=2271&graphID[]=1903     I think it's kind of cool. Maybe the Gaga IEM's are a good pick..
I'd like to give this a chance too.
Up for a trade?
Your taste in music is similar to mine. Here are my picks, from high to low.:   1. Denon D5000  2. Shure SRH840 3. Beyerdynamics DT770 4. Beyerdynamics DT880   Not so much an M50.    Btw, I've tried all of these   Just some samples of what I listen to: Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, Jack Johnson, Michael Jackson, Sublime, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, and Drowning Pool.    I hardly ever amp my headphones. I wouldn't suggest a pocket amplifier because...
HD414 pads are $5+shipping @ BH photo. Cut a hole in the center, then dye them to a normal color (Yellow pads look like a highlighter)
It's Gray-doh. I called in a couple times :)   I was surprised too lol.         Back on topic- I've seen at school:   PX200's Skullcandy G.I. Bose Triport over ears Skullcandy FMJ   I've brought ATH-PRO5ms's, PX100's, TF10's and more to school.
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