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I remember that thread, HD25-II creamed the competition in almost every catagory, if I'm not mistaken.  
HD-25 II's sound like a perfect fit.
No clue what the silver drivers look like- but I looked through the grill and don't see anything silver- it looks pretty black, even in a really bright lighted room.
Pictures are up now :)    
I completely abandoned serious home listening, so I won't be needing this one. Everything works fine, but the amp could probably be spray painted over if you're big that kind of stuff. It's been known to have good synergy with Sennheiser's HD650 and I agree- I tried them with a set of HD580's and it made a pretty big difference.   Shoot me an offer? 
I bought this off another head-fi'er in hopes of finding really cheap pads for it, never happened, and I never touched them afterwards. Maybe another head-fi'er can find a use for these (Dissecting the drivers, cables, whatever) or restore them. I bought a set of pads for the headband, which will be included too so you get brand new headband padding (where the six or so bumps are). They still produce sound but since the pads are "deflated' and unusable, I would strongly...
How well do these isolate? I'll be using this on the bus with a TON of loud HS kids. I'm currently using a Sony V700.
I have a set called the K301's. Their form factor takes after the other Kx01's, and it's not the XTRA version. It is black and red, pretty decent consition (Pads are perfect and the elastics are good.... Cable is roughed up a little but not alot... PM me if you have more questions or if interested
I'm looking for two of these in good condition. $25 each :)
I'm up for it Very nice you, OP!
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