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The whole Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 soundtrack is extremely catchy. Not sure if I should be embarrassed, ska's pretty good.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfwsxoo_FL8
Having owned both, I liked the HTX7 more because they're way cheaper, isolate, have a more thunderous bass rather than the slightly sloppy one of the CAL!, and feel more solid. The clarity is nice too, but the CAL! has a bit more sparkle. I think CAL!'s are better for electronic/pop and HTX7's are better for rock/metal. Both are great options, nonetheless. I think you might be happier with the HTX7's if you're as budget-conscious as me. If you need more help feel free to...
If you liked Beats you might like the PX100's. I got some for $30 at some tiny online shop (the price went up to $35) They both have bloated bass but the PX100's price justifies it. I'd avoid the K81DJ. I like swbf2cheater's suggestions too.   http://www.shorelinemusic.com/closeouts.shtml here's the link for the Senn Px100 open box. Careful though, PX100's aren't the strongest headphones ever lol. You might want that warranty ;)
I really liked the Skullcandy Aviators when I tried them at the apple store. You might wanna check up on those, and there's another "triport killer" from either panasonic or jvc, I forget the model but they got high marks and were around $30-$50... I also used to have Panasonic HTX7's which were great. Surely worth the $20 that I see them go for around the internet. They also isolated nice. Another good choice is the ES7. I've seen them go for $55 at buydig...
I just got a SR-Lambda's in the mail and noticed that there's some green stuff on the grill, it doesn't look too good. I think want to clean the stuff off of the grill. How would you go about it? I tried opening it and found that it's gonna be pretty tough so I immediately put everything back together to avoid risk of it breaking. Any and all help is appreciated :)
Cool opportunity, I'd love to join in part time, maybe in the email or sales support department. If there's ever an opening for the online department, let me know! I'd even join the email/web support team for a low commission. It looks like a great chance to build up my resume.   Oh and it looks like there's plenty of kids from NJ here. I'm 16 myself haha.
$5.50 @ bhphoto, enjoy :)   http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/116351-REG/Sennheiser_019545_H_19545_Foam_Earpads_for.html
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