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Bump from the dead.
Good condition, works great. I got it from my dad but I already have a SACD player and don't really need this. Price is 120 obo shipped CONUS, but if you're interested in having it shipped somewhere else, let me know.   See above for pics :)
Not sure of whether the drivers are aluminum, they're glued shut. The sound is all I have to prove it. If you don't like it, send it back and I'll refund you your money.      
Maybe attending!   Here's some of my gear:   DT880 SR60 with 325 drives AKG K301 Stax SR-A no amp Headroom home Yamaha SACD player with no SACD  
I have SR60s that supposedly have SR325(not i) drives. Let me know if you want em. 165.
I got an SR60 supposedly with SR325 drives..let me know if you want em.
I have one (white) but the plug got ripped off in a leaf blower. Let me know if you want it.
Si doesn't sound like the best idea in snowy weather ;)       My friend's got an 03 WRX STi that he built from the ground up, ran him alot more than 7K, but he loves it. He races, kills everyone at the track.   Newer Hyundai Sonatas might be a good option. Their resale is terrible, which I guess is an advantage for me (plus they've got a nice warranty)...Mustangs are nice too.  
Let me know if you have a set lying around. I heard other DTxx0 models fit the DT880 so I'm also okay with those. I don't know how much these are supposed to cost used vs new so you're gonna have to price it.
So I've got SR60's with SR325 drivers...can I prove it? I don't think so. Not unless you're an SR325 expert and can give me some pointers. These sound very much like SR325's to me and sound nothing like what I remember SR60's to be and I'd like to get them out of here since my music doesn't agree with it.. Again, I don't have proof that they are SR325's but the sound speaks for itself but I hope the price will be attractive enough. These have bass, and normal SR60's...
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