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I'm in, bringing DT880's 
If you'd like to RSVP, we've made a page: 
I've owned both. Not exactly what I'm looking for either.
IIRC, their sound signature isn't exactly my thing. Plus they're a little expensive...I'm looking to keep it around $100
My HD219's gave out recently due to abuse, and I'm a looking to snag a pair of closed headphones, maybe on-ears. Something like SRH-840's or HD25-II's would fit the bill. Budget's flexible as long as it's worth it.   Thanks, and hope to work something out.
Yeah! I'll be in Boston around then. The place looks great, too. Is it accessible by public transit?
Sorry, no thanks!
Selling a Headroom Home Amp. It's old...circa 1995. Pretty sure it's at the level of the $600 ones these days.   Cool little thing, but I never listen through it... My speakers are much nicer when at home.   It's got some silicon residue and light scratches on the top which can be buffed out then resprayed...or you could just put something on top of it.   PM's always welcome!
Bumped from the dead...! I'm almost done with high school, I finally have time for this.
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