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yes, a cartridge's output is to low (generally less than 5 mv - that's 0.005 volts) for most amps to handle directly, to put it into perspective most sources output well over 1 volt p-p. In addition the phono output needs to undergo a standard (nearly) EQ in order to have a correct tonal balance (The RIAA Phono EQ - google it). You also need to determine what type of cartridge you have so that you can buy an appropriate phono stage.   this NAD trounces the Onkyo's
  Wrong!!!  As both I and Jason previously cautioned; A SE (1/4") to Balanced adapter is OK, but a Balanced to (1/4") SE is NOT OK. If a person does not know what they are talking about they shouldn't talk about it at all. Promulgating the false impression that Balanced to SE adapters (going to a 1/4 or 1/8 plug) are OK is doing a disservice to the community.  
Not sure if anyone questions the Asgards temperature any longer but I finally got a Infrared Thermometer.   Room Temp 70 degrees (F)   My headphone rig including the Asgard has been powered on for four days, so I'd say that it's warmed up.   Knob - 105.3 Front right - 106.7 Front center - 105.6 Front left - 102.7 Top center - 105.1 Top Grate 115.1 Right Side - varies 105 to 119 Rear panel - 104 to 108 Left side - 104 to 108 Bottom - 109 to...
This is also why adding a Single Ended output is not as simple as most think. That being said, I still believe that it should have a SE output.
Based upon what someone wrote I wanted to clarify something.   It is perfectly OK to make a Single Ended (¼” or 1/8” stereo jack) to balanced (4 pin or two 3 pin XLR’s) adapter.   It however is not always OK to make or consider using a Balanced to Single Ended adapter (4 pin or two 3 pin XLR to ¼” or 1/8”).   I won’t get into the technical reasons, but I’d caution any balanced amp owners that are considering using a balanced to single ended adapter to TALK TO...
Excluding the Luxman amps I don't know of any Japanese solid-state amplifiers. There is the American made Schiit Audio Asgard that I adore with my He Audio HE-5LE's  
To my knowledge Wadia does not, nor have they ever made an SACD Player. That being said, valid point.  
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