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Excluding the Luxman amps I don't know of any Japanese solid-state amplifiers. There is the American made Schiit Audio Asgard that I adore with my He Audio HE-5LE's  
To my knowledge Wadia does not, nor have they ever made an SACD Player. That being said, valid point.  
Hooked, To have an Analog input would either make it a Preamp, Integrated Amp, Headphone Amp, or have it including a ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). More and more Integrated Amps and Headphone Amps are including a DAC (Usually cheaply implemented), but since Schiit labels and is marketing the Bifrost as a DAC, and they market their own range of Headphone Amplifiers it's not likely that you'll see a Jack of all trades (Master of None!) product out of Schiit anytime...
Guarantee that it costs much more to do a fully Discrete Balanced Output than an IC Op-amp based balanced output. The Bifrost is tempting, but I currently have  two < $1000 DAC's for headphone and secondary systems so not really in the market for a budget DAC. Once the Statement DAC comes out I may have to try it to see how it compares to much more expensive DAC's.
Before Jason chimed in with some very rough estimates on prices for the upmarket DACs I was thinking $550-$600 for the Balanced (USB of course will add $100) and for the reference DAC I'm betting it will be in the $1100-$1200 range. Parts they is expensive.
You shouldn't automatically assume that a film is a certain genre just because a certain actor is in it. It takes about 5 seconds to find out a little about a film before you go and spend your hard earned money on it. You really have no one to blame except for yourself.
Sorry Friends, I am il, and since I was only able to sleep for about an hour I've decided that it would be unwise for me to drive 2+ hours each way to attend the meet. I hope that someone else reads this in time and brings some paper and pens for the auction. I realize that few are as loud mouthed as I am, but several other regulars are no slouches in that department so hopefully someone else will step into my size 15 shoes. Have a good time.
Sigh... No real surprise, the prototype Exemplar Amp did not show up. I'm considering not bringing electronics.
We don't need no stinking name tags (Bages).
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